Best American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet Review

Best American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet Review

People do love things where quality meets service and this American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet is a perfect example of that. This best toilet product comes at an affordable price and gets you almost everything you should look for. And this is why you will find this toilet in about 65 percent residents all across the USA. Being a satisfied user of this product, I want you to know its priceless serviceability and therefore, long-lasting durability.

Having a great white-colored outlook, this highest rated toilet is suitable for airports, offices, hotels, stadiums and so on. The combination of Ever Clean technology with vitreous China frame provides a perfect microbial resistance. Apart from quick waste disposal, it retains the elegant outlook for the external surface for many years. Requiring less and easy maintenance, this is indeed the perfect choice for smart people.

Who are The Ideal Users of This Product?

Places with the scarcity of water require less consumption. With a little consumption rate of water, this toilet works well in those areas for sure.

Those Who Live in Damp Area

Germs and bacteria grow quite fast in damp places or areas with high humidity. Being resisting to those agents, this one is a great thing to use.

The People Who Need Wider Seat

A lot number of people come with very uncomfortable doing due to the small seat. For them, this efficient toilet offers a much comfortable seating.

American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet Product Specifications

Item Dimension: 29.8 x 20.5 x 29.2 inches

Product Weight: 107 pounds

Shipping Weight: 120 pounds

Color: White

Construction Material: Ceramic

trap way Type: Full Glazed

trap way Length: 2-1/8 inches

Shape: Elongated

Rate of Flow: 1.6 GPM

Consumption of Water: 1.6 GPF

Type of Flush: Siphon Jet

Method of Installation: Floor Mounting

Item Model Number: 2876016.020

American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet Features and Benefits

This great bathroom renovating tool features an elongated bowl along with one tank. In fact, the bowl comes with a reasonable wide space. After completed assembly, you will also get a seat that comes tank-less.

Through the bowl, you will get a good position to take a nap. Therefore, you can enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation. The completed assembly will deliver a seat excluding the tank space and thus offers a better seating. Learn how to change a toilet seat.

Exclusion of Microbial Action along with Ever Clean Surface

The white surface of American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet comes with an EverClean technology to resist germs. Along with the external Ever Clean surface, the entire toilet provides a powerful action indeed.

Regarding microbial action, this toilet offers pretty good counteraction. The surface inhibits stain growth along with odor provoking germs and bacteria. Apart from that, the EverClean technology also prevents the growth of mildew and molds over the surface.

Siphon Jet Flush Action Provides Immediate Removal of Waste

To take care of the waste, this toilet offers quick removal through effective technology. The siphon jet launches immediate dispelling action. And again, the compressed air pressure assists the jet for even faster action.

You will get the fastest possible disposal of waste with this strongest flushing toilet. The pressure assisting siphon jet is capable of removing a good amount of waste at once. Therefore, you will get rid of the disgusting things in a matter of moments.

Greater Trapway along with Full Glazing Requires Less Maintenance

There is a 2-1/8 inch of trapway with this ergonomic toilet that comes with full glazing. The size is good enough to hold sufficient water. Again, the full glazing provides a longer service life against frequent usage.

Needless to say, you will get a rather good and saving water facility. It also prohibits the growth of germs and bacteria inside the trap way. Therefore, the tramway requires much less maintenance works.


  • Comes with excellent appearance along with elegant finishing.
  • Features Speed Connect coupling facility to the tank or bowl.
  • Provides 10” x 12” water area with flushometer tank of close coupling.
  • Offers a trip level of metal chrome and sanitary bar for the bowl.
  • Contains four bolting caps and also, exhibits low water consumption.


  • Siphon jet flush may stop working due to frequent and careless usage.
  • The sound of the jet flush is quite loud and nagging in some certain cases.

Bottom Line

Despite being some minor disadvantages, you will get the best possible quality assurances with this unique toilet. The eco-friendly construction makes it a true choice for people caring about the environment. Being ideal for floor-mounting, this toilet can suit any bathroom you want without the slightest difficulty.

Not only it encourages your comfort and ease but also decorates your bathroom a whole new level. There are some certain reasons regarding quality which is why it is in three out of five houses in the USA. I can assure you that you will get no parallel quality and service like this American Standard Pressure Assist Toilet at an affordable price. Want to make an order ?

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