Reliable 7 Best Box Spring For Memory Foam Mattresses Reviews For You

An ideal best box spring for memory foam mattress is most important part of a long serviceable bed. Significant features of these, respectively: These have solid durable foundation made of recognized elements. A fascinating design exists on its entire structure. There also has a stiff but comfortable cover. Have necessary assembling accessories. Some others may even prioritize portability.

Every Purchaser intends to emphasize sustainability factors. Recognized beds are always durable that save cost reduces possible grief.

Our assessment by experience sharing and cross selection relating longevity between beds suggests looking around these viable box springs are suitable for foam mattress.

Find Top 7 Amazing Best Box Spring for Memory Foam Mattress

These durable and sturdy mattresses with solid foundation are reliable that brings happy smile for consumers.

01. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Box Springs

The product we are going to talk about, may sound familiar to you because just a close variant of this product had ranked #1 on our list. But this time, we have another product from the same manufacturer named Zinus.

Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring is cheap, a mid-range product which is from the list of the most affordable box springs on the market. It has got many good values and a few drawbacks as well. We will be talking about all that. Keep reading-
Smart Box Spring

Strong and Sturdy Steel Support for Good Night Sleeps

To ensure that the quality of the box spring doesn’t bother your good night sleep, the Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring is made to be super strong in structure. It has a got a steel made sting and sturdy base, which will let it to last for years after years.

A Number of Rich Mattress Foundation

What this box spring set has got in these 9 inches is amazing. As we were going to the material list of this product, we found that there is 1 inch of Viscolatex foam, 1 inch of memory foam, 1.5 inches of comfort foam, and 3.5 inches highly strong base support. What else can you expect to form such a box spring?

Microfiber Quilted Cover

For almost all of us, the cover quality of the box spring matter a lot. Well, as long as you’re with Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring, don’t worry about the cover. Because it has a microfiber quilted soft and Knitted cover to protect it from waters, dirt and pressures.


  • Has a super sturdy steel made structure.
  • Enabled for noise-free uses.
  • All necessary tools come in for assembly.
  • Durable and long-lasting for years.
  • Available in six different sizes.


  • Hard to set up as one person.

02. Classic Brands Glorious Mattress Box Spring

Glorious Mattress Box Spring

Durable elements have been applied in a suitable box spring like classic brands mattress. Amid to make a steady foundation sturdy wood has been used for. 8 inch thick high tempered wood from Amish village of U.S. is included into with its infrastructure.

Hanging on one side; bent and broken are the signs of a mattress made of weak wood. But classic brands mattress box spring is made of high tempered wood. So this box wouldn’t sag into any portion. No chance of broken down. The shape will never change. Cover is surface where to lie down and get sited. Classic brands mattress provides a felicitous cover. This is suitable for longer use.

However, whereas this mattress is detachable so you easily can check the quality of every wood slats. This Queen sized classic brands have enough well polished slats that no additional wood pieces required. You easily can set.

In easy assembly process, head and foot braces, notched side braces and a center brace easily can be used for making its wooden frame. The wooden slats can be set as like rows by maintaining regulation gaps.


  • Three year warranty.
  • Long lasting. Easy assembling.
  • 8 inch Sturdy foundation.
  • High tempered adjustable wooden slats.
  • Suitable cotton blended removable cover.


  • User manual must be followed for setting.
  • May be troubling for big fat and huge sized user.

03. Mainstay metal queen sized box spring

metal queen sized box spring

This is the robust box spring among other any queen sized mattresses. It has the dimension of 80″L x 60″W x 7.5″H. Structure made of heavy gauge steel has confirmed its durability. Mainstay metal box spring mattress is a sustainable bed. This is capable to take 2400 lbs weight. Easily can be use under full sizes of 12 inch memory foam mattresses. Its metal frame does not allow bed bugs for survive. So, don’t worry about bed destroying insects.

Necessity may take us various places. Sometimes when life needs, we have to stay in a specific location. So, during the time this is apposite. Keeping that in mind, Mainstay has been made by maintaining portable utility. This is fold-able. At the half portion it easily can be folded. Users don’t have to face assembling difficulty. It’s a well assembled. So, anybody can take it to any place to another location.

A unique cover of Mainstay allows passing inner air ensuring breath-ability. This non-slip fabric cover permits deep sleeping as there is zero percent chance of falling to ground from bed. Setting the cover is very easy and removing as well.


  • Convenient size.
  • Sustainable.
  • Portable & Foldable.
  • Well assembled.
  • Non-slip unique cover.


  • Made of heavy weight frames that may inconvenient for carrying.

04. AmazonBasics: An alternative to traditional box spring

traditional box spring

Suppose every morning you wake up feeling back pain. Reason is clear. Surely you had slept on an inappropriate bed. To eliminate this kind of problem, you must need a compatible bed.

So we recommend AmazonBasics for once trying. The components of this bed are designed for restful and comfortable sleep. So, after sleeping on this bed nobody will feel backache at the very beginning of a day either.

Having a nice dream with a balance box spring reduces existing physical pain creates no new misery as well. Steady foundation with quality steel frame withstands oscillation during sleep.

This is consists of a set of recognized steel. So, a sturdy foundation with viable steel frame horizontal slats will bring mental tranquility into users mind. Portability is another nice facility for users. Easy assembling utility will inspire consumers to meet with this.

To have a nice sleeping surface, a cover at top and bottom parts will appear with 2 separate fabric pieces. Total cover appears with 2 separate durable fabric pieces. Using the attached in zipper, those two strong pieces of cloths of upper and lower parts of this bed effortlessly can be zipped in. This sort of surface provokes sleep.


  • 1 year warranty.
  • Strong foundation with thick steel frames.
  • Durable & Portable.
  • Available assembly tools & parts.
  • Viable top and bottom cover.


  • Assembly instruction will be strictly followed.

05. Zinus Metal Box Spring: An essential upholstered Bed

Zinus Metal Box Spring

Zinus consists of strong steel frame. Although rectangular of this bed made of a steel frame however into the foundation wood slats have been included. Combination between steel and strong wood has made the foundation durable. Steel frame will protect effects of moisture into wooden layer. This flawless frame will also work to resist other harmful components for wood. Charming outfit will whatsoever compel consumers to look at for minimum once.

May be it’s a pretty long but Zinus metal box spring supports traditional foam mattresses. Though it’s one of the heavier things however its every piece is almost light but hard. Total structure is encircled with these slats. Into the frame strong slat has been included for center support.  So, when you shift around on the bed this bed wouldn’t make any noise.

You can find with heavy detachable pieces. But assembling is very easy. On the process, you will get find all necessary accessories. Easy assembling facility has increased its portability.

Two isolated part of woven fabric cover pieces adjusts each other to make sleeping surface. This surface will assist going to kingdom of sleep.

Peaceful sleep carries sanity. Wonky beds with creak have disrupts this type sleeping. With Zinus you can enjoy dreaming with no minimum noise as well.


  • 5 year warranty.
  • Durable & long lasting.
  • Tough foundation with combination of steel and wood.
  • Easy assembling.


  • Heavy weight.

06. Astonishing Tuft & Needle Foundation Mattress Box

Foundation Mattress Box

Special features of Tuft & Needle Mattress Box bring users satisfaction. Durability trait has taken this ahead of others. Rich components of the ample supportive astonishing bed bring full gratification as well.

May your base bed is in less than a desired height. Need to raise height adding a box frame?

Meaningfully, this attractive copy assists increasing height of a metal bed to your covered space. More interestingly you can improvise height of 71/4 inches with this elegant box spring. This strong foundation would knockout worries with no risk.

Strong elements included into Tuft & Needle Mattress box spring frame. By prioritizing compatibility for foam mattresses use, manufacturer has ensured its sturdy foundation. It’s long lasting, simple and convenient in use.

The mattress is so slippery that easily moves around on the foundation. The fabric covering the mattress is noticeable silky and smooth. In fact, it’s the foundation for calm sleeping over 100 of nights.

Somebody may unused quicksand feeling while seating or lie down on a bed. This feeling never arises with Tuft & Needle. So it’s easy for lovely moving of body across entire bed. This distinctive feature sets it apart from other traditional innerspring beds. Entire attributes are inspiring for families and entrepreneurs as well.

Sensational Tuft & Needle are very easy to assemble. It takes only minutes required not hours to complete.


  • 5 year warranty.
  • Compatible with foam mattresses.
  • Long lasting.
  • Durable cover.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Error during installation could lead to less longevity.

07. Undefeated TATAGO: Symbol of a comprehensive box spring

comprehensive box spring

Everybody is always looking for buying a solid stuff. If it’s a bed, so no question of compromise with quality. By realizing uncompromising desire TATAGO has introduced a heavy metal box spring. The measurement of this Queen sized box spring mattress is 79.5″L x 59.5″W x 9″H.

TATAGO withstands heavy weight. As its pressure taking capability is up to 3000 lbs. Surprisingly TATGO square shaped bed is able to hold 4 to 6 person on its surface. Reinforcement is made of tough steel slats provides incredible foundation support.

Heavy duty steel slats are the main structure components of TATAGO. In this frame these strong steel components are gives support as slats and poles. With square frame of slats, poles seamlessly have been welded in vertical order.

Mainly, each steady pole of this square box spring maintains balance of entire body. So, no unexpected noise is here no more structural twisting as well. Stability is the point of amusement for users. Durability has come through this metal arrangement.

Rust free feature is another attribute of TATAGO. It’s fully painted. There are 20 extra removable beams enables surface for making it super flat.

Into assembling process, folding parts will have to set by screws. To make assembly easier all necessary tools have been included along with a direction guide.


  • 8 year warranty.
  • Strong & Durable frame.
  • Reliable stability system.
  • Massive pressure taking ability.
  • Viable structure elements.
  • 20 extra removable beams.


  • Transporting difficulty may face for its heavy weight.

08. HOMUS steel platform box spring: An outstanding infrastructure

In a calm and cool bedroom always contains a strong flat bed. A bed with strongest foundation is expected. A firm reinforcement is the final commitment that HOMUS keeps. A steady flat sleeping surface is the special quality of HOMUS. This easy accessible bedroom appliance already outperformed other beds.

Unlike traditional beds HOMUS is made of some resistant elements. Steel slats are auto painted. Goal is to protect the bed from moisture and harmful insects or other compounds.

Setting a vision to achieve reliability, HOMOS emphasized to make a recognized structure. During manufacturing a trustworthy one, HOMUS has been utilized strong metal elements. This metal framed bed is able to withstand large scale weight. Eye-catching design is most applicable for many years bedroom use.

For direct sliding of the bed slats U type design has been sketched. Seamless welding between joint of multiple reinforced structure has ensured stability. Presenting an exquisite infrastructure of a bed, heavy duty steel slats have been included. Using these durable components, HOMOS has turned into a long lasting. Perfection of welding to every joint made this bed noise free. Assembling not required. Only set up needed by few screws.


  • Integrated strong structure.
  • Firm reinforcement.
  • Direct sliding design.
  • Recognized high tempered metal components.
  • Engaging design.


  • An error during set up screws could affect its infrastructure.

09. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Bi-fold Box Spring Review

cheap box springs

No matter you have a simple mattress bed or any of the single/double/queen or king-sized beds in the room, you can always throw in on the floor and use. But what is an elevator like one of the box springs makes it even better?

I am talking about Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring, which is not only a height elevator of beds but also provide a durable source of nighttime comfort.

For these and many other real-time benefits, Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring ranks #1 on our list.

A Compressible Box Spring with Mobility
Do you like those bulky box sets that are hard to move by one person? No, right? Me neither. So, I preferred for this Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring as one highly compressible and easy to assemble. All you have to do is simply open the box, slide the base of the box, and unfold to fit it under the bed.

9 Inches High for Ample Elevation
Many of us love to use the box springs because of their elevation facility. As I told before, Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring would elevate your bed by 9 inches. So, no matter how small or large your bed is, the increases height will make it easy to get on and off the bed.

Long Lasting Traditional Look

This box spring is designed to have a pretty traditional look. But it doesn’t work like those weak and expensive traditional wooden boxes. Rather, it’s a traditional, but highly durable and strong one.

Simple and Easy to Assemble on Any Kind of Beds
No matter you are using a single person or double person bed, or even a king-sized bed, the Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile BiFold Box Spring will fit with it right away. Also, no assembly or further setup needed. It’s just an unbox-and-use type box spring.


  • 9” height elevating your bed to your comfort level.
  • Traditional, but yet a string structure.
  • No assembly needed at all.
  • Immediately opens up to the shape of a box spring.
  • Offers 6 different sizes of beds.


  • A bit over-priced than the features.

10. Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring Review

New Steel Box Spring

After a 9” spring box at number #1, we think it’s time to go for something that’s a little bit lower in height. Because a 9 inches height is good for king or queen size-large beds. But what if you use a personal single bed, and looking for something of less height?

Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring is one such product that offers a promising structure, non-skid fabric-based design, and many other perks. In together, we announced Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring to be the second-best product of the list.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Spring boxes can be of either steel construction or wooden construction. But no doubt that steel constructed ones are more preferable in terms durability. Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring offers a strong and sturdy steel construction with a fabric cover. Maybe it will cost you some extra bucks than any typical ones. But trust me, it’s cheap than any other good quality steel made spring boxes.

Non-Skid Fabric Placed in the Center

One amazing fact is that the mattress box manufacturer had done a great job in getting the box at one place. Because of the tiles we use on our floors, these boxes get slipped off. But because of the non-skid fabric placed at the center bottom, this won’t slip off at all.

No Assembly Required
Like any other good quality mattress, no assembly or setup process is required. All you have to do is unpack the box, unfold it up and lay it on the floor with the mattress on the top.


  • Made of heavy duty and durable steel.
  • Won’t slip off because of the non-skid fabric at the center.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • No further assembly required before using.
  • Extremely cheap in price.


  • Not a good for extra-large beds.

Getting out of dark for buying (Buyers Guide)

Numerous buying offers could be confusing for any buyer. These buying proposals always lead buyers to a fuzzy path. Standing on this path, any buyer may confound.  In next session we have tried to help buyers with some tips for going through the right path on buying.

What sort of box spring do you want?

First and foremost purpose is the factor. Think about your purpose. Check out the suitable one that meets your purpose. From classified categories select your most desirable box spring.

If you want to add height of your bed then select the size that fulfills your requirement. Any mismatching may carry difficulty. So, before buying think about space as where it matches inside your bedroom.

Which quality is your prior choice?

Nobody wants to comprise with quality. Which quality you need? Whereas you know your purpose, so think about quality. Is your expected thing should be long lasting or temporary it’s upon you. But we suggest for a long lasting one. Durable beds always save cost and free from difficulties. We recommend that, instead of fragile affordable thing a sustainable bed you should chose.

What is a durable box spring mattress?

Before thinking about buying, it’s a significant matter. Numerous things are here into every market that looks very strong. But only visibility is not the final factor. Something negative may hide into these.

A durable bed is the thing that made of sturdy elements. We know strong components are tempered. Either it’s wood or steel, whether it has been tempered object or not. It’s all about temperament that makes a thing durable.

Check it out. On the process you should go to our product description session of this page. There everything about durability has been thoroughly discussed.

Think about bed cover and assembling

During assessment of a bed, check out its cover. What components have been used for making a bed cover? Assembling is one of the important matters that everybody should consider. Before buying, read user manual carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before buying an appropriate box spring some question may confuse you. In this session we have tried to clear these questions by answers.

Whether recognized elements been used in a wooden box spring?

Yes. Sturdy wood slats have been use for producing. Apart from that, a compressed wood fiber is called hardboard has been used.

Will these support a memory foam mattress?

This is depends on size. So, before selecting think about size of your memory foam mattress.

After buying if a box does not support sliding into memory foam, then what?

A nice question is here. We have already discussed in buyer guide section of this article. In terms of sliding into a memory foam mattress, you have to select a thing that suits your base bed. So, don’t select wrong size that doesn’t match your requirement.

How much does the metal box spring weigh?

It differs on bed versions. Various versions withstand various weights. No matter steady foundation of every version withstands pressure.

If would anybody like to jump or play, then what consequences would come?

Due to rough use anything can damage. So, for putting extra pressure most likely will break.

Will these works on a platform bed frame with a memory foam mattress?

Well. We know every box spring has different attributes. There are different sizes as well. But maximum copy into these classified beds will work.

Is the box spring made of a combination between wood and steel slats can protect moisture and bed insects? Because, we know wood can’t resist moisture.

A useful question is here for anybody. During production of this sort of bed tempered woods have been utilized for making. Though this element isn’t water resistant but this tempered wood refuses adsorbing moisture. Overall, wood will covered by steel frame. So, there is no chance of entering moisture into the frame. However, because of paint, no insect infestation will be occurred as well.

Where can I buy another cover if original will damage?

You can try on amazon.

In case of change of location how shipping address can be changed?

This is an important question. In case of change of location, notify amazon as immediately as possible. After their approval click add new address and select new address. But before ordering for a bed, consider your permanent address.


Conventional box spring may not suitable for every memory foam mattress. But, as supportive a best box spring for memory foam mattress is for dreamy sleeping. These beds are applicable for adding an extra height to base bed. Strong recognized highly tempered elements have been used for producing, so it’s trustworthy.

Pressure withstands ability has taken these beds to a new dimension. Assembling process is user-friendly. A cluster of beds are here. Anybody can select a suitable version. In this article we have tried consumers for finding an amazing one.