Best Box Springs | Get Expert Reviews & Buying Guide [2020]

Want your bed to be a little higher, stronger and more durable? Well, if you do, that’s great! But we are not going to tell you to change the bed and mattress. All you have to do is think about a box spring. A box spring turns a simple mattress into a full form bed that’s strong, sturdy and comfortable for use.

And this article is gong to help you buy one right away. In this article, we’ve placed the best box springs of today’s market and reviewed them in an ascending order. So, let’s start

01. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring Review

The product we are going to talk about, may sound familiar to you because just a close variant of this product had ranked #1 on our list. But this time, we have another product from the same manufacturer named Zinus.

Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring is cheap, a mid-range product which is from the list of the most affordable best box springs on the market. It has got many good values and a few drawbacks as well. We will be talking about all that. Keep reading-
Smart Box Spring

Strong and Sturdy Steel Support for Good Night Sleeps

To ensure that the quality of the box spring doesn’t bother your good night sleep, the Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring is made to be super strong in structure. It has a got a steel made sting and sturdy base, which will let it to last for years after years.

A Number of Rich Mattress Foundation

What this box spring set has got in these 9 inches is amazing. As we were going to the material list of this product, we found that there is 1 inch of Viscolatex foam, 1 inch of memory foam, 1.5 inches of comfort foam, and 3.5 inches highly strong base support. What else can you expect to form such a box spring?

Microfiber Quilted Cover

For almost all of us, the cover quality of the box spring matter a lot. Well, as long as you’re with Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile Smart Box Spring, don’t worry about the cover. Because it has a microfiber quilted soft and Knitted cover to protect it from waters, dirt and pressures.


  • Has a super sturdy steel made structure.
  • Enabled for noise-free uses.
  • All necessary tools come in for assembly.
  • Durable and long-lasting for years.
  • Available in six different sizes.


  • Hard to set up as one person.

02. Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring Review

No matter you have a simple mattress bed or any of the single/double/queen or king-sized beds in the room, you can always throw in on the floor and use. But what is an elevator like one of the best box springs makes it even better?

I am talking about Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring, which is not only a height elevator of beds but also provide a durable source of nighttime comfort.

For these and many other real-time benefits, Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring ranks #1 on our list.
cheap box springs

A Compressible Box Spring with Mobility
Do you like those bulky box sets that are hard to move by one person? No, right? Me neither. So, I preferred for this Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring as one highly compressible and easy to assemble. All you have to do is simply open the box, slide the base of the box, and unfold to fit it under the bed.

9 Inches High for Ample Elevation
Many of us love to use the best box springs because of their elevation facility. As I told before, Zinus 9 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring would elevate your bed by 9 inches. So, no matter how small or large your bed is, the increases height will make it easy to get on and off the bed.

Long Lasting Traditional Look

This box spring is designed to have a pretty traditional look. But it doesn’t work like those weak and expensive traditional wooden boxes. Rather, it’s a traditional, but highly durable and strong one.

Simple and Easy to Assemble on Any Kind of Beds
No matter you are using a single person or double person bed, or even a king-sized bed, the Zinus 9-Inch-High Profile BiFold Box Spring will fit with it right away. Also, no assembly or further setup needed. It’s just an unbox-and-use type box spring.


  • 9” height elevating your bed to your comfort level.
  • Traditional, but yet a string structure.
  • No assembly needed at all.
  • Immediately opens up to the shape of a box spring.
  • Offers 6 different sizes of beds.


  • A bit over-priced than the features.

03. Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring Review

After a 9” spring box at number #1, we think it’s time to go for something that’s a little bit lower in height. Because a 9 inches height is good for king or queen size-large beds. But what if you use a personal single bed, and looking for something of less height?

Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring is one such product that offers a promising structure, non-skid fabric-based design, and many other perks. In together, we announced Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring to be the second-best product of the list.
New Steel Box Spring

Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Spring boxes can be of either steel construction or wooden construction. But no doubt that steel constructed ones are more preferable in terms durability. Best Price 7.5″ New Steel Box Spring offers a strong and sturdy steel construction with a fabric cover. Maybe it will cost you some extra bucks than any typical ones. But trust me, it’s cheap than any other good quality steel made spring boxes.

Non-Skid Fabric Placed in the Center

One amazing fact is that the mattress box manufacturer had done a great job in getting the box at one place. Because of the tiles we use on our floors, these boxes get slipped off. But because of the non-skid fabric placed at the center bottom, this won’t slip off at all.

No Assembly Required
Like any other good quality mattress, no assembly or setup process is required for this best box spring. All you have to do is unpack the box, unfold it up and lay it on the floor with the mattress on the top.


  • Made of heavy duty and durable steel.
  • Won’t slip off because of the non-skid fabric at the center.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • No further assembly required before using.
  • Extremely cheap in price.


  • Not a good for extra-large beds.

Why Do You want to Use the Best Box Spring?

Before you decide that you need a box spring, you may have considered your necessity for one. To be honest, most of the users have not the complete idea of why they need a box spring. Is it just some bed accessories, or just something that makes the bed more comfortable?

Well, on that note, I would like you to show three of my favorite benefits of a box spring-

It Makes the Bed Higher

Any of the best box springs will raise the height of your bed by a good amount. Typical mattresses have an average height of 5-10 inches, and for most of us, that’s not enough. And as you know, it is easy to get on or off a higher bad than a lower bed.

Extend the Lifetime of Your Bed’s Mattress

A box spring can do a lot to enhance the lifetime of the mattress that you use on your bed. As the best box springs are going to provide a cover of protection, your mattress survives minor damages and spot pressures.

Absorbs Shocks and Movements

Due to day to day use, mattresses and beds have to absorb a lot of pressure on them. Which may seem little at first. But with time, this pressure becomes the reason why your bed and mattress doesn’t last for long. Using a box spring as a support can intake these shocks and let the mattress last for longer.


Thanks for being till the bottom of the article. Hope you have already found your favorite pick from our top 3 best box springs. Keep in mind the price-quality ratio and hope you’ll get the best box spring ever!

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