Best Electric Knife Sharpeners Review And Buying Guideline

Knives are the mostly used kitchenware throughout the whole world. There are many types of knives out there in the market now-a-days. There are sushi knives, kitchen knives and many more. All of them have a common problem. They need to be sharpened at a regular basis. Sharpening a knife has become very easy with the best electric knife sharpeners.

As the name suggests, electric knife sharpeners run on electricity with a polished end. The smooth running surface of the sharpener sharpens knives with human interactions. Some of these have automatic controls and some have manual controls. In this article I am going to broadly discuss about the best electric sharpeners out there in the market. Just keep reading and find out more about electric knife sharpeners.

 01. Work Sharp Ken Onion the Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

The Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition, Multi-Positioning Sharpening Module is an advanced quality knife sharpener. Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knives and Tool Sharpeners are designed to be quick and easy to sharpen all the knives you own. The knife sharpener comes with some of the best technologies. It has a big collection of belts that can be used at different circumstances. The belts allow the user to sharpen all types of knives. The automatic knife sharpener brings ease to the users. Just keep reading to know more about this amazing piece of product.

Features and Benefits

Sharpen At Angles
Work Sharp Ken Knife Sharpeners
The knife sharpeners allows the users to sharpen at angles. You can turn the sharpening angle from 15 degrees to 30 degrees for different types of sharpening. The angles provide precision in sharpening the edges. No matter what type of blade you are dealing with the sharpener can sharpen them all.

Premium Quality Belts

The Ken Onion Knife Sharpener comes with five different types of belts. The belts are built with the most advanced technology. All of the belts are flexible and durable. The belts are rust and corrosion resistant. They run for days and months without getting a single damage or scratch on them.

Durable Parts

The knife sharpener contains different durable and strong parts that are assembled together to make the machine run longer. The sharpener has an option to allow external tool attachments. You can add different types of grinding tools of your choice.

Supports All

The knife sharpener supports all types of knives. From kitchen knives to all types of professional knives, the sharpener can sharpen them all. The knife sharpener has special grinders and belt attachments that can sharpen at the right angles.


  • Motor speed has variable technology to use at different levels
  • Premium quality belts with rust and corrosion resistant technology
  • Sharpening angle defined at a higher rate for better response
  • Fast and precise quality sharpening
  • Easy to use sharpening modes for different types of knives
  • Sharpening enabled for all types of knives


  • Needs regular and proper practice to get used to
  • It can make a pretty good mess around the place the machine is used
  • Sharpening may seem tough at first

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02. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is a professional quality knife blade sharpener. This electric knife sharpener has all the modern qualities to sharpen your knife just like professional shops. The precision gears provide perfect angles to sharpen the blade at the right position. Keep reading to know more about this amazing knife sharpener.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Use

The knife sharpener is very easy to use and has little complexity. The double sharpeners and easy on off switch makes the machine very easy to use. You just have to keep the blade at hand and the sharpener would do the work for you.
Presto 08800 Knife Sharpener
Better Sharpening System

The sharpener has a very wide ranged two stage system for sharpening the blade. The sharpeners can sharpen any type of blades in an instant with the most accuracy. You can have professional results at the tip of your hand.

Precision In Sharpening

Enjoy professional quality sharpening at your home with the precision sharpening technology of the sharpener. The two stage sharpening feature gives you the freedom of easy sharpening.

Fast Sharpening

The wheels of the sharpener comes with sapphire sharpening feature which allows the user to get razor sharp quality edge in just seconds. Sharpening is fast and easy. Just keeping the blade at hand does the trick.


  • Comes with easy to use properties
  • Quick and efficient two stage sharpening system
  • Sharpens all types of serrated and non-serrated blades in just seconds
  • Precision blade technology provides perfection in sharpening
  • Perfect sharpening angles to sharpen the blade perfectly


  • Not good for hunting knives
  • Bush craft knives are not perfectly supported
  • Light pressure needed to work

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03. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Black

The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Black is a professional knife sharpener. The precision angle guides incorporated in the three stages eliminate conjecture and produce consistently sharp edges at all times. The Chefs Choice 130 professional sharpening station eliminates the clutter of inefficient grinding devices and provides, in a single compact appliance.

The maximum versatility to choose the preferred edge for any cutting task. With the Sharpening Station you can do it by simply pressing a single on / off button. The surprisingly sharp and durable edge is better than factory sharpening, no matter what type of edge you choose. Keep reading the rest of the review to know more about this amazing product.

Features and Benefits

Better Sharpening

It consists of rotating conical discs impregnated with 100% diamond abrasives that securely sharpen all the quality of the kitchen, home, Asian style, sports and pocket knives. It never loosens the knife blade and helps prolong the life of quality knives.
Professional Knife-Sharpening
Durable Machine

Features a hardened miniature of steel with the precision of angle guides. Develops a perfect edge with ultra-fine microscopic teeth. It can be used as often as desired to maintain a sharp edge until you need to sharpening it again. The sharpening angle of Stage 1 and Stage 2 is accurately configured for optimize the steel sharpening sequence.

Flexible Settings

It uses a flexible disc system, a high-tech to create a thin, microscopically smooth and ultra-thin edge. It can be used as many times as necessary to keep the edges polished and maintained until additional sharpening is required. Stage 3 is also used to sharpen irregular knives. The ultra-thin and flexible cutting blade straightens and aligns the grooves and sharpens each protruding tooth so that it becomes an ultrathin “micro blade”. It is excellent for notched blades with all alloys, forged or not, including so-called “un-sharpened” blades, which are serrated and become opaque.

Designed For Safety

This helps increase the safety of the kitchen because sharp knives are much safer to use. Dull blades require the user to apply excessive force during cutting, increasing the risk of blade slippage and personal injury.


  • Diamond abrasives provide best cutting and sharpening technology
  • Sharps almost all types of blades out there
  • Super hardened body type for better usage
  • Angle precision technology with extra guides
  • Easy to use with on off switch


  • Needs proper taking care of
  • Edge sharpening is not always accurate
  • Knife needs to be handled with care

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Considerable factors before buying

Different types of electric knife sharpeners have different types of belts. Some have loose and expandable belts. Others just have traditional metal belts. But the best electric knife sharpener should provide many types of belts in a package. Different knives need different types of belts.

Loose and expandable belts are the best among all others. They can sharpen the knives endlessly and perfectly. So, look for flexible and durable abrasive belts.

Motor Power

Electric knife sharpeners need the combination of perfect motor power with the right belt type. The motor of the best electric knife sharpener should be very high and controllable. There should be cooling options so that the motor runs smoothly for hours. Knives need different motor speeds at different times. The best one should allow the users to run the motor at different levels.


The quality of a product mainly depends on the materials it is built with. A knife sharpener would be more durable if it is made with higher quality materials. Metals are normally used to make the skeleton of a knife sharpener. The metal should be of high quality for the product to be the best one. The frontal section of the machine should be removable for cleaning purposes. The overall machine would be durable if the build quality is good.


A knife sharpener should allow customization’s to the user. With the electric knife sharpeners, you can easily make different types and sizes of knife edges. Custom profile and bevel making becomes very easy with it. Just some swishes and flicks would do the trick and present you with a knife of your choice.


We all have knives and use them on a daily basis in our everyday life. No matter how better quality a knife is it can easily get damaged. Knives need proper and regular sharpening. These knife sharpeners described in this article are the best ones in the market. Just keep your eyes open and find out the best one for you. Happy shopping!