Best Heated Mattress Pads Reviews And Buying Guideline

No matter it’s winter or summer, we sleep at night to re-energize ourselves. But when we wake up, we of course, don’t want us to be freezing cold. So, what do we do? We may spend some of our energies to lit up the fireplace and keep the room warm. Or we can wear some sort of warm clothes before sleeping. But to be honest, we won’t prefer to do any of them.

One costs us some unwilling energy, another cost us lot of comfort on the bed. So, the best way to warm your mattress in some way that it doesn’t let you freeze. The stuff that you need is one of the best heated mattress pads. And this article is all about getting you the best model and brand of heated mattress.

01. Electrowarmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad Review

We love to keep trust on quality that comes from a brand with heritage and reputation of good quality. Therefore, while choosing the #1 of the list of best heated mattress pads, we couldn’t help putting the Electrowarmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad on the top of the list.

We will explain the real time benefits of this product in details below-

Electrowarmth Warming Sensation for A Good Night Sleep
The brand Electrowarmth has a long-driven heritage of producing bed and bath essentials. On this trend, they used to make heated mattress pads based on the On the Mattress principle. Now in this product, they have implemented their latest Electrowarmth warming sensation that delivers deep and long term warming sensation on the mattress.

Reduces the Electricity Bills by Keeping the Thermostat Off

While you are enjoying your nap on Electrowarmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad, you can switch off the thermostat and save a lot of power costs. Also, the warmness can be controlled by an easy-to-control warmness controller.

10 Warm Settings from 2 to 9
Not everyone loves the same level of warmness in the heated mattress. The manufacture of this brand understands that. So, they have provided a warmness controller that will control it from 2 to 9.

Easily Wash and Dry This Polyester Made Mattress

I have seen many warm mattress users to have difficulties in cleaning the mattress off. Surely, that won’t happen in case of Electrowarmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad. This is made of 100% polyester and therefore, takes minimum efforts to clean.


  • Completely safe and efficient heated mattress pad.
  • Continuous and controlled heated mattress throughout the night.
  • Saves the electricity by turning off the thermostat.
  • Soothes pains, arthritis and aches.
  • 10 different heat adjustment settings.
  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Available in only white color.


Comparing all the other products and their consecutive benefits, we found the Electrowarmth M38Fxl Twin Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad to be the best in the game. No matter what type of bed you have in the room, this product will surely pay off every penny that you invest on it.

02. Biddeford 5902 Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

I have seen many users to complain that heated mattresses are way costlier than what they should be. I completely don’t agree with the statement. But it’s true that a premium quality heated mattress requires a bit of extra bucks than typical ones.

However, if you’re tight in budget, and still don’t want to compromise with the quality, we’ve got the right product for you. It’s called the Biddeford 5902 Electric Heated Mattress Pad. And we are going to explain all the important features of it.

Easy and Pure Polyester ConstructionThe simplest and most effective part of this heated mattress pad is, it’s made of 100% polyester, and it’s super simple in structure. Made of Import Grade pure polyester in USA, this heated mattress comes with a promise of long term service for years.

Simple and Precise Control of Heating
If you’re thinking of buying a heated mattress for someone who’re not that much tech savvy person, this would be a perfect pick. Because, the simple and easy to operate control can be controlled and operated by simply anyone of any age.

9 Different Heating Level with Switch

In the picture of this product, you can already see that there are 09heating levels including one H standard. With the knob itself, you can control the heating level with ease. Also, to turn the entire heating service on and off, there is a switch provided in the control panel.


  • Simple and pure polyester made design.
  • Cheap and lies within anyone’s budget.
  • 8 different heating level.
  • Provides therapeutic heating level.
  • Comes with a zipper bag and its handle.
  • A good product for the money.


  • Lacks complex functionalities.


Again, this product from the brand Bideford can be best for two reasons. One is- it’s simple and easy to operate by people of any age. Another is, it’s extremely budget friendly. So, no matter whichever reason you like, this product won’t disappoint your intent.

03. Serta Luxurious Sherpa Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Mattress Pad Review

If you keep the quality of a heated mattress’s material on the top of every other fact, we have got the right product of the moment. In the industry of bed and sleeping accessories, Serta is a renowned name. And the product Serta Luxurious Sherpa Top Low-Voltage Electric Heated Mattress Pad is one of their coolest products. Our #3 had been awarded to this product because of these few features

King Sized Mattress Made of Plush Sherpa Fabric

It’s a giant and king-sized mattress that is a right fit for beds of 78” by 80”. For such a large size, the mattress is made to be an all-in-one solution. And because of being made of Plush Sherpa Import Quality fabric, this product comes with a promise of durability.

Sleep Better with the Patented Low Voltage Technology

Don’t be afraid of radiation that comes through electrical process on this mattress. The entire heating mechanism is completely made of a patented formula named Low Voltage Safe and Warming technology. It’s non-side-effective, non-hazardous and completely good for health.

Saves Energy and Electricity Cost

The formula of the heating mechanism of this product is made to work on low voltage and consume less energy. So, as we think that a heated mattress will raise the electric bill by a lot, won’t work in case of this mattress.

Backlit Display for Night Time Adjustment

Now this is a feature that I have found in very few of the mattresses in the market. It has a giant backlit display which will work conveniently for night time adjustment. You don’t have to turn on lights at night and still you will have a look on the room with the light of this.


  • Completely import grade plush Sherpa fabric.
  • A king size giant mattress for larger beds.
  • Powered by Patented low voltage technology.
  • No hot or cold spots at all.
  • Preheat and hold feature.
  • Backlit light provided for night time use.


  • The price is slightly over the budget bar.


This product is a right pick for persons who’re looking for one of the best heated mattress for lager beds. The material, heating technology and long-term promise of durability surely is what anyone needs in a good quality heated mattress.


Thanks for being till the end of today’s review. So far, we have come up with three of the top products and their real time benefits. I hope you have already made your buying shortlist for it and going to have a great experience with best heated mattress pads.