Best Home Gym Reviews And Step By Step Guide line [Updated 2023]

Who says body workout must be tough? Get a comfortable workout routine today. Choose your best home gym and enjoy a well-tailored hassle-free body exercise routine at the comfort of your home. Build your body strength, resistance, and overall physique with just a single workout machine.

When most people hear about body workout, they take it the wrong way. They picture an all sweaty public gym with no place to breath. Well, 2018 is different! If you get hold of any of these top three body workout home gyms that we will show you; you’d be good to go. But first, let’s choose the best gym.

01. Marcy Stack Dual Home Gym

If you are looking for a dual function home gym the Marcy Stack Dual Home Gym is the best. It has numerous features and benefits that we found including the following.

Many users say it’s the best option for building muscles comfortably at home. It also has a total weight resistance of 200 pounds. This is a good capacity for people who want to build muscles or tone down. You can strengthen different body muscles and have an all-around body workout.

Very Durable

The gym is of premium quality. It is made of a 2 x 2.5” (14-gauge) heavy duty steel tube frame. The frame also has a powdered coated finish. It comes with weights coated of vinyl. These materials are known for high style quality and durability.

Dual Functionality

The arm press offers dual functionality. It’s good for anyone who needs a maximized workout on the upper body. You can easily switch from vertical butterfly workout to chest press and back. It’s also super ideal for users on any level.

Safe for Use

This best home gym equipment is built from high density boxed vinyl. This one offers high resistance to wear and tear. The upholstery also comes with durable foam and is great for offering superior comfort when working out. Additionally, it also has a protective stack cover made out of steel for optimum safety.

Many Exercises

The Marcy Stack Dual Home Gym offers more. It includes adjustable arm curls, multi-function leg developer and arm press; which when combined allows for total upper and lower body workout. In short, it offers an optimal body workout routine for you.

Size and Dimension

When assembled, the product measures 52” x 39” x 80”. It also weighs 84 pounds. This is ideal for people with small spaces and will provide for an awesome body workout all through the year.


  • Weight resistance of 200 pounds
  • Heavy duty steel tube frame
  • Dual functionality
  • High density boxed vinyl
  • Durable foam
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to follow User Manual


  • Needs proper care
  • Comes with no spare parts

02. Bowflex PR1000 Best Home Gym

Apart from the Marcy Stack, the next best home gym that we would recommend is the Bowflex PR1000 Best Home Gym. It enjoys very many positive user reviews and is one of the bestsellers today. Here are some of its best features and benefits.

Result Oriented

It provides a full body strength workout. You can work your lower and upper body extensively. This provides you with an all-round effective body workout at a sitting. It’s an awesome way to save time, energy, and the money you spend on public gyms.

High Resistance

This home gym also provided high resistance capacity of 200 plus pounds. This means that you can effectively use it and enjoy a solid workout routine. No worries of breaking down the gym equipment.


Again it offers multiple workout routines. Users hail it for its over 30 body workout routine. This offers optimum workout and allows you to move back and forth training numerous muscles of your body. This flexibility is greatly sought after especially if you love home comfort when training.

Offers Much More

The workout machine also offers you a chance to enjoy horizontal bench press plus lateral pull down. It offers more for less and makes a great bargain for anyone who is looking for the affordable home gym for the fall.

Maximum Weights

Additionally, this home gym comes with 300-pound maximum weights to use. This is a great option for people who love to stack them up. However, it is safe to use as it doubles up with a safety weight stack lock.

Medium W/ Space

The workout space Bowflex PR1000 Best Home Gym requires is small and ideal. It’s just about 100” x 78” and you are good to go. This means that you can have it and keep fit always even if you leave in an apartment.

Size & Dimension

This home gym weighs 130 pounds when assembled and measures 84” x 38” x 82”. It also comes with a pulley system that makes it extremely versatile.


  • Pulley system
  • 300- pound maximum weights
  • 30 body workout routine
  • High resistance (200lbs)
  • Body strength workout


  • Slightly hard to assemble
  • Requires user manual

03. Bowflex Revolution Best Home Gym

For the top three picks, the Bowflex Revolution Best Home Gym locks up our list. It has super unique features and comes at a great price in many shops that we looked at. Here are its best traits yet.


This home gym is made out of a padded recline frame. The foam is of high density and the reclined style is highly comfortable. You can easily adjust it to meet your needs and type of workout.


Like its sister above, this home gym offers over 30 strength exercises. You can easily work with it for an efficient lower body workout and also upper body workout. Once installed, you can easily change from one exercise to the next.

Dual Functions

It has multi-functions such as the triple-function hand grips, horizontal and lateral bench press and pull down, preacher curl attachments, and cable bench press that adds to its versatility always.

Superior Resistance

The resistance capacity of the machine is awesome. It stretches slightly beyond 200 pounds and makes its one of the best home gym for the most extensive body exercises. It allows you to easily build body strength, resistance, and muscle power.

Multi Pulley

It has a pair of pulley systems – one on each side. This allows you to change fast and easily your angle of resistance. It also allows you to increase the type of results that you find in every type of exercise that you perform.

Ideal Dimension

The machine also has a great size. From the tip of the frame on the back to tip of the frame on the front, it measures 65”. And from the right tip of the frame across to the left front tip the frame measures 38”.


The home gym is made of a 14-gauge heavy duty steel frame with a powdered coated finish. It also comes with weights that are coated with vinyl to make them last longer. This type of finish provides awesome longevity.


  • Multi-functions
  • Over 30 strength exercises
  • Padded recline frame
  • 200 pounds Resistance


  • Not Easy to Assemble Alone
  • Requires the User Manual

Considerations When Buying the Best Home Gym

Now that you have the best home gym reviews to go with, what should you consider when buying this type of training equipment for your home?


This is very important. You want value for your money and you want a dependable machine for your workouts. If you have a machine that withstands the rough training and the subsequent wear and tear – the better. Look for a home gym that’s made out of metallic steel alloy and weights coated in vinyl.

The Price

You can’t buy gym equipment what you can’t afford. The best home gym for your use should meet your budget. In short, don’t leave your pocket dry because you are buying a home gym – hell no! That won’t be cool. We advise the buyers to consider prices before they can actually spend their cash. It’s important for anyone who wants to include the shipping costs.


Think about how ideal your machine is for your needs. Can you easily switch from one form of body workout to the next? What is its weight resistance capacity? Usually, a weight resistance of over 200 pounds should be ideal for an all-round workout system. And a minimum of 30 exercises is also ideal for optimal body workout.

The Brand

By looking through user reviews you will be able to tell which brand is superior either in quality, design, or style. Bowflex for instance has very superior technology that many users agree on. It is versatile and comes at a great price for buyers.


There are simple guarantees that will show you if your machine is of good quality. The mark of quality that shows it has been tested and approved, a warranty, or a refund policy. Always look out for any two of these.

How to Choose the Best Home Gyms

Choosing the best gyms is no brainier. With the right tips, you should have your gym in no time. Here are some of the best tricks that will help you to choose a top gym for your home use today.

Size of Space

How much space do you have available? The amount of space will determine the actual dimensions of the home gym that you choose. You should always make sure you know exactly how much space you’ve got. In order to do this, you can use a tape measure to take the measurements.

Make sure that you take the length, width, and height of the space. Later or compare the size of your best home gym with the size of space.


Recommendations from previous users, expert reviews and posts, and references are some of the most trustable. You can count on them due to their personal experiences. If you know of people who own the machine you can always talk to them.

Nonetheless, online reviews are some of the best as they try out quite a number of home gyms before they settle down on a few.

Buy Online

Here is a simple trick. When you buy online, you have endless cheap gym equipment to choose from. From price, brand, size, to type, you will have it all down the road. You’ll have an easy time comparing prices at a sitting. You will also have numerous offers to go with.

You can get discounted prices, low shipping fees, and more importantly, the product comes straight to your doorstep hassle free! Buying online is very convenient for people who buy in comfort.

Personal Needs

Finally, you should know your needs. Some of the needs home gym loves have are these; building on body strength, cutting weight, body building, keeping fit. The type of home gym that you go for should be pegged on the reasons why you need a home gym. You should find out if the type of gym you have offers that. Ask a vendor, read expert reviews, or simply look through user reviews.


There you have it all. The best 2018 home gym reviews and all the tips and tricks you need to pick the best one for your needs. Even so, looking through the user reviews, expert posts, and the mark of quality will take you a long way when choosing your best gym.

However, if you can afford our choices – it would be the best road to take. So if you want a dependable machine, you can always start with any of our top three affordable picks and only think otherwise if you are tight in the pocket.