Best Infrared Sauna: Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle at Home (Updated 2020)

Your body needs proper care to remain healthy. Yet with such a demanding schedule, juggling between a school, work, and taking care of your kids might not give you enough time for that. Don’t worry. There is a way to save your health. The use of the best infrared sauna will give endless benefits.

Steam saunas have been found to have so many benefits that typically outweigh what the traditional saunas will give. From proper heat absorption to ideal detoxification portable  saunas have endless benefits. In this post, we will review a few best home saunas and give additional tips on how to use them.

What are the Benefits of Using the best Infrared Sauna?

Using sauna has so many benefits. Here are some of the ideal ones you need to know.

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Gives the best environment for radiant heat energy to be absorbed by the body
  • Promotes the best body therapy, detoxification, and healing
  • Deep tissue warmth that portable steam sauna give relaxes sore muscles
  • Heat also reduces stiffness and relieves any pain around the joints
  • Best for chronic pain associated with arthritis
  • Improves skin conditions by eradicating eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, and acne
  • Stimulates detoxification by discharging acid and waste residues like sodium, alcohol, nicotine, and cholesterol

01. JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Infrared Sauna.

Our first sauna reviews will be that of the JNH Lifestyles MG217HB Infrared Sauna. This home sauna is designed from a 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood. It has no chemicals added to its design components and comes with no plywood.

The FSC Certified Wood makes this sauna free of any allergens. It remains eco-friendly and super ideal for use around your loved ones. More importantly, the sauna has been designed with a See-Through-Door. The door uses a specialized safety glass that is capable of tolerating higher temperatures. It also provides better insulation which keeps the sauna safe and free from damage.

When using the sauna, the visibility is better and cool. However, most people love this sauna because it is a portable steam sauna. It is also easy to assemble and uses a “Tool-Free Design” that allows you to simply buckle the sauna’s panels together.

And to give you a strong construction, this best home sauna uses the T and G Construction Technology. This means that you can easily fit your sauna in very tight spaces. Combined with Dual Wall Insulation, this sauna gives better heat insulation and you don’t have to worry about the heat expansion and insulation.

Even better, the sauna comes with a premium sound system.  It has two premium speakers, an amplifier, and a volume rocker. There is LED Lighting for the interior and a digital control panel that allows you to easily control the temperature.

FeaturesJNH Infrared Sauna

  • FSC Certified Wood
  • 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • See-Through-Door
  • Tool-Free Design
  • Dual Wall Insulation
  • Dimensions: 47.3 x 75 x 39.5 inches
  • Weight: 250 pounds


  • Tongue and Groove Technology for stronger structure
  • Easy to break down and transport
  • Enough space/ size for two
  • DIY assembling design
  • Additional entertainment devices


  • Slightly heavy
  • Leave to dry before transportation

02. Radiant Saunas Hemlock Infrared 2-Person Sauna

Another best portable infrared sauna is the Radiant Saunas Hemlock Infrared 2-Person Sauna. The sauna provides a relaxing treat with many soothing features including chemotherapy lighting and an oxygen ionizer.

It comes with infrared heat, high-quality inbuilt sound system, and additional aux inputs for easy connections. Like the previous design that we saw, this portable steam sauna is also built to last. It uses a solid Canadian hemlock construction that provides it with a beautiful look.

In addition to that is a bronze-tinted, 8 mm glass door that is highly tempered for safety and reliability. The assembly is also easy and secure. Thanks to the use of simple buckle connectors. Even so, there is nothing much to worry about as this sauna has 6 Carbon heaters that are precisely positioned.

The positioning is ideal and will provide even streams of warm and comforting air all through the cabin. This retains the temperature that you choose and leaves you with a cool experience too. The infrared heaters will provide up to 141 degrees of warmth. They are also easy to adjust and come with intuitive controls.

Above all that, this sauna will give you a seven-year manufacturer warranty. Finally, it comes with a simple control system. The system provides an intuitive and reliable control pad which makes it easy for you to adjust your sauna’s temperature and lighting.

FeaturesInfrared 2-Person Sauna

  • 6 Carbon heaters
  • 8mm glass door
  • Bronze-tinted
  • Weight: 354 pounds
  • Chromotherapy lighting
  • Oxygen ionizer
  • High-quality inbuilt sound system
  • Canadian hemlock construction
  • Dimensions: 49″W x 39″D x 75″H


  • Seven-year manufacturer warranty
  • Super cool lighting
  • Tools Free assembling technology
  • Quality Construction/ Durable Design
  • Enough room for two


  • Heavy – 354 pounds
  • Buckle connectors need more care to last

03. Dynamic “Venice” Low EMF Far 2-person Infrared Sauna

Just like the other best home saunas that we have seen, Dynamic Low EMF Sauna is constructed with eco-friendly technology. It uses a high Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood. The wood gives it higher longevity and lower wear and tear touch.

Even better, this sauna comes with double paneled walls. The walls are constructed with one of the thickest interior and exterior wood planks. This helps the sauna to retain heat more efficiently. It also helps it to heat up faster and prevents it from wasting energy.

The Dynamic 2 Person model also offers 6 Low EMF infrared Carbon Energy and a set of efficient heating panels. It has a foot heater that produces wider and softer heat that is evenly distributed in the sauna.

Its heating panel heaters are also 30% larger than the regular saunas or those heated by ceramic tubes. Because of this feature, the heat produced will penetrate the skin 40% more. It will maximize therapeutic benefits and leave you with additional benefits.

Unlike ceramic heaters, once you buy this best home sauna you will never replace the Carbon Energy heating panels. Dynamic 2 person sauna operates at a lower and safer 130F level and is designed to provide you with so much ease of use.

In addition to all these, the sauna has a soft touch control panel that features a LED display, sauna temperatures, and time functions.

FeaturesDynamic Infrared Sauna

  • 6 Dynamic Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon heating panels
  • 2 person capacity
  • Dimensions: 43 x 37 x 70 inches
  • Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock
  • 6 mm Interior and Exterior wood planks
  • Clear Tempered glass door
  • Side windows
  • Weight: 400 pounds


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Enough room for two
  • Maximum heating effect
  • Very affordable
  • Soft touch control panels


  • Shallow user manual
  • Takes slightly longer to fit

04. SereneLife Portable Infrared One Person Sauna

If you can’t get to the spa and still want to experience the soothing benefits of sauna therapy, SereneLife will save your day. This indoor sauna kit will give you everything you need from a spa at the comfort of your home.

SereneLife Portable Infrared One Person Sauna is the lightest sauna that we have in this group. It is a one person sauna with some of the most convenient sauna accessories. More importantly, SereneLife offers many top spot features. It has an Easy to Access Sit-In Technology that uses a portable chair. You can, therefore, have a wonderful sauna experience at the comfort of your seat.

In addition to that, the sauna offers a compact size. It requires limited room to store and will fold up in a great size when not in use. The chair is also fold-able and while occupy less space when stored.

This sauna helps you to save money and brings the best spa experience close to home. Thankfully, it is wide enough and sits at 31.5 x 27.6 x 37.8 inches in overall dimensions. The weight is ultra-light.

It’s stands at 19.85 pounds which like we mentioned above makes this sauna the lightest. It has a convenient hand zipper and a simple to use timer and auto heat controller. There also includes a foot pad heating and will give you a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even so, many people have appreciated this sauna because of its energy and power efficient design. This makes it the most ideal low-cost heating sauna.

Featuresbest portable infrared sauna

  • Sit-In Technology
  • 5 x 27.6 x 37.8 inches
  • 85 pounds
  • Hand zipper
  • Timer and auto heat controller
  • Maximum temperature of 140 degrees f
  • Portable chair


  • Light in weight
  • Very portable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to follow access panel
  • Foldable chair


  • Has no LED lights
  • Doesn’t offer the comforts of a room

05. Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Indoor Portable Personal Spa Sauna

We have the Infrared FAR IR Negative Ion Indoor Portable Personal Spa Sauna. It is a conveniently portable sauna and you can use it to relax after a long day at work. It also allows you to read your favorite books as you get your therapy, listening to music, and play on your mobile phone.

Thanks to the sauna’s design that will allow your head and hands to extend out so that you can read, watch tv, or listen to music. The sauna enjoys a compact size of 30 x 27.5 x 38 inches in overall dimensions. It is also super light and weighs 17.85 pounds.

Because of its compact size and weight, this sauna is super ideal for homes with limited space. It is highly portable and you can easily fold it and carry it with you on tips.

Lucky enough the Sit-In Chair Technology that it uses also gives you a foldable chair design. Which means, that you can always fold up the chair and pack it too if you aren’t using it. Even so, this unique high quality far infrared sauna also comes with a negative ion generator. This technology helps to purify the air.

The sauna has hi-tech 3 heaters that are superconductive. In addition to that, it has an ultra-thin carbon fiber as its main heating element. Under this sauna, a 10 minute sauna bath corresponds to 30 minutes of jogging. That’s how much refreshing it will get for you once you buy this sauna.

Featuresportable steam sauna

  • Remote Temperature and Timer Control
  • 30 x 27.5 x 38 inches
  • 85 pounds
  • Sit-In Chair Technology
  • Negative ion generator
  • Hi-tech 3 heaters
  • Ultra-thin carbon fiber
  • Infrared sauna


  • Takes only minutes to set up and fold
  • Comes with a large size portable foldable chair
  • Offers a large foot heating pad
  • It is easy to set up
  • Ultra-light in weight/ portable


  • Catches dirt easily
  • Doesn’t cover the whole body

What You Need To Consider Before Buying

In case you want to buy a portable steam sauna with infrared features for your home, use these tips to get a top-rated option.

Size of Space

Most infrared saunas are designed for the home with limited space. However, not every design will be ideal for your home space. It is therefore very important that you find enough space for your set up. Compare the sauna’s dimensions to that of the space that you intend to set it up on.

Sauna Capacity

How many people will you use the sauna with? And what is the capacity of the sauna? If the sauna is meant for you alone, going for a one person sauna is okay. However, if you intend to use it with a loved one, think of going for a two-person sauna instead of the previous model.


The construction of the sauna is very vital. Because the best home sauna will be used in a moist environment, you need it to withstand the dampness. Go for a counter construction. A good example is 100% top quality Canadian Hemlock Wood. This is durable and moisture friendly too.

Sauna’s Weight

Most infrared saunas are designed to be used anytime anywhere. This means that they must be portable. Weight has so much to do with how portable a sauna is. Make sure that you find one that you can easily transport.

Easy to Set Up

More importantly, you need a sauna that you can easily set up. It would be such an inconvenience to always call an expert to fit or disassemble your sauna. It will also cost you more. Tool Free Technology will save your day.

Sauna Accessories

Finally, you need a sauna that has enough sauna accessories. The accessories should be readily available to boost the experience or fix a problem. Some of the best accessories include blankets, seats, and towels.

Where To Buy Infrared Sauna

From my research, it is evident that portable steam saunas can be bought in home remodeling shops. However, that will mean paying more. These shops often charge additional costs including transportation costs.

If you want the best option to buy your infrared sauna, I would recommend buying online. Online e-commerce websites have so many benefits to go buy. For starters, you will get the best prices.

Prices are often discounted. In addition to that, you will also get numerous designs to choose from. But more importantly, you will be able to shop and compare features at the comfort of your home; before the product is shipped straight to your doorstep after you buy.

How To Use An Infrared Sauna

The infrared saunas are easy to use. The saunas come with an easy to operate set up that allows you to control it. The setup is often digitized and can be operated remotely or manually depending on your choice of preference.

Once you sit inside your sauna, find the control panel. The panel has an on/ off button that you will press to start it. From there you can use the subsequent buttons to choose the type of experience that you need.

You can also regulate the temperature and set a timer for an auto-stop once your timeline has elapsed.

Infrared Sauna Dangers

While the use of a portable infrared sauna is cool, you shouldn’t overuse it. Doing so can pose certain dangers including sustaining heat-related issues such as hyperthermia, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion.

The other dangers that infrared saunas pose come as a result of using these saunas with certain health conditions. These conditions include heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, adrenal suppression, multiple sclerosis, and also eczema.

Silicone implants are also risky if used for long under an infrared sauna since silicone absorbs the light waves.

Nonetheless, if you talk to your doctor, you will find that you can have a great experience with infrared saunas.


If you have a regimen for joint pain treatment or even if you just have some soreness from physical activity infrared sauna will be of help. It releases therapeutic heat into your body which helps you to detoxify, lose weight, and above all fight muscle and joint soreness too.

Because of this, infrared saunas are indeed the best home sauna. They are very much affordable and the fact that they are portable is a huge advantage. In case you have one at home, you could boost the experience by adding the numerous sauna accessories that these models allow.

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