Top 5 Best Mattress Protectors Reviews [Updated 2023]

You have to use your mattress for almost 7-10 hours per day. Then why not you use a protector that will save it from being refresh and dirty?Well, the best way to make it sure that your mattress stays fresh and neat every time you use it, is to use one of the best mattress protectors. It will ensure that, each time you get on the mattress for a good night sleep, you will find it fresh and clean like a new one.

Apart from dirt, there are many other things that can cause harm to the quality and lifetime of a mattress. You already know that moisture, sweat, mildew etc. are some of these reasons.

No matter whatever the issue it, as long as you have got a right mattress protector right on the mattress of yours. You can be sure that these won’t cause any major trouble with the performance and the quality of the mattress. This article here, will help you to find out the best of mattress protectors in the market. We have picked up five of the best products from the market after researching hundreds of them.

What we considered throughout the research process is the quality, brand value, durability, and of course the price-quality ratio of the mattress protectors.Finally, the products that he has got under our list, are really exceptional in terms of performance and quality. Let’s dive deep and find the right fit of mattress protectors for you-

01. Queen Size SureGuard Best Mattress Protectors Review

The first product that we have on our list is a widely popular and updated with technical details in every inch of it. The product is named as Queen Size SureGuard Mattress Protector. It’s waterproof, made of premium cotton and completely hypoallergenic for health. We have seen some of the real time user’s consults, and so far, this product had been the topper of best mattress protectors in the market.

Features and Benefits

100% Waterproof and Protects Every Type of Liquid

The most common and convenient way to dirt up a mattress is with some sort of liquid like water, sweat, urine, stains and other liquids. This harms the mattresses lifetime, and make the entire mattress unusable. But the Queen Size SureGuard Mattress Protector is made to be 100% protective against these. Surely, such a feature will increase the lifetime of the mattress.SureGuard-Mattress-Protector

Fights Against Allergies and Keep the Mattress Safe

Another common reason for people using mattress cover is to be protected against dirt that causes allergies. Some of the common types of these dust are- pollen, dust mites, mold, and mildew. Surely, this mattress cover will give a protection from them. If you combine a pillow protector with this mattress protector, you will get even better results.

Completely Breathable and Temperature Controlled

The product is made of some advanced membrane that repels liquid. But that doesn’t mean that it’s against passing air and heat through. It can still let the air go through the membranes. So, it’s completely breathable and heat transferable.

Best Mattress Protectors is Easy to Clean and Wash

The material of this product had been made super easy to clean and wash. Just use dry low heat and air drying for best benefits out of it.


  • Made of one of the finest mattress cover material ever.
  • Soft, noiseless and extremely comfortable.
  • Blocks dusts, pollens and are 100% hypoallergenic.
  • Durable material and easy to clean.
  • Has got stretchable skirt fittings.
  • GreenGauard Gold certified design.
  • Available in lots of sizes.


  • Makes a little bit crunchy sounds.

So far, we have found the Queen Size SureGuard Mattress Protector to be very good in purpose. Although it has some complaint to be little bit noisy, but we don’t that that’s much of a problem. What do you think?

02. Queen Size Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector Review

Do you feel that the last mattress covers you were using sound like a big giant diaper? Do you think that getting a mattress that performs as the expectation is a hard one to get? Well, you would be happy to have the product that we’re about to reveal now.

The #2 pick of our list of best mattress protectors is Queen Size Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector from the brand of Hanna Kay. So far, we are concerned about the brand, they are a premium grade manufacturer of household items and this product is recognized to be the best item so fat. Let’s explore some real tome benefits of this product-

Features and Benefits

One of the Most Comfortable Mattress Cover in the Market

If I make it straight to the point, Queen Size Hanna Kay-Premium Mattress Protector is one of the most comfortable mattress cover in the market. Apart from many other virtues, this is the best thing that I have found it’s users to say.

  • Unique Polyurethane Membrane for Better Sleep

    As you know, some of the mattresses are so dumb in air circulation that they make the entire mattress unbreathable. But that is surely not the case with this product we are talking about. It’s made of a unique and innovative polyurethane membrane that is bonded with pure cotton. As a benefit, it prevents noises and cramping. Also, it ensures that you can sleep comfortably with a soft layer of protection.

Better Air Circulation and Breathability

Just like we said a while ago, the Unique membrane had made this product completely breathable. Also, the microscopic holes that are in the cover will let the air and heat pass by. So, if you have a worry that this mattress won’t work as a good heat transferred, you are wrong. It’s a good one to let the air heat go through it when necessary.

An Idea Protector Again Many Health Issues

I have seen people complaining about their mattress that it caused them certain physical problems like Asthma, Allergy and many more. But that is definitely not the case with Queen Size Hanna Kay Premium Mattress Protector. It’s completely safe and preventive of Asthma, Allergy and Eczema. It keeps the dust, fungus, molds and other harmful elements away and keeps you safe.


  • One of the most comfortable mattress cover.
  • Made of export grade polyurethane.
  • Made to be ultra-thin and noise-free.
  • Prevents many health issues like allergies, asthma etc.
  • Protective against moisture, dirt and molds.
  • A good product within budget.


  • Isn’t 100% waterproof?

03. Queen Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector Review

Now, we are the #3 product of the entire list of 5. Here, we decided to take something that’s good for health, doesn’t bring on any health issues and becomes friendly to people who already have some sort of air born diseases. Finally, after ample research, we’ve found something that meets all of these criteria.

The name of the product is Queen Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector. For you understand, we are going to break down every important feature of this product for you-

Features and Benefits

A Great Product for Users Who’re Suffering From Air Born Diseases

I have seen many users to have complain that if they get any sort of air born diseases like asthma, allergies etc. they can’t get on any typical mattress protectors. But that’s surely not going to happen with this product here. Queen Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector completely made friendly with these kinds of people.

Luna Airflow Technology to Pass the Air and Heat, but the Liquid

Like any other best mattress protectors in the market, this product has got its own technology to be protective against water and to let the air and heat pass through. The Luna Airflow technology is powered in this product that lets’ the air circulates and keep the entire mattress cover breathable.

Noiseless and Hypoallergic- Good for Health

If your mattress cover creates noise while you are on it, nothing can be more irritating to a good sleep time. But thanks to the manufacturer of this product, they have made this so thin that it won’t bother you with crunchy sounds at all.Also, ifs made to be protective against allergies and dirt. So, no worries of being itchy nose and eyes after using this on your mattress.

Absorbs Moistures Naturally

This is something unique about this product that most of the other products don’t have in them. Moisture is something that can come from a lot of sources. It can be the sweat, the water or any liquid sources. But if these falls on your mattress, the mattress lifetime will decrease a lot.But as long as Queen Size Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector is on your mattress, no need to worry at all. It’s made to be completely moisture proof.


  • Protective against dust mites and allergies.
  • Works against accidental spills and water.
  • Made of natural cotton to be hypoallergic.
  • Free of phthalates, PVC and Vinyl.
  • Creates no crunchy noise at all.
  • Brings on ultimate comfort while you’re in sleep.
  • Protective against moisture.


  • Can’t expect a cool bed with this cover.

04. Queen Size SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector Review

We are at the #4 pick of the list, and here we have the enormous Queen Size SafeRest Premium. It’s from a renowned brand called Safest, which is working with such kind o products for quite a long time.

With a promise form the brand, we have received some other features that you will definitely like as a user. This item has three different sizes, and you can choose your one based on your situation. So far, we have considered, this product is the best fit in case you are looking for a mattress cover for baby. Because it has got something comfortable that babies will like the most.

Features and Benefits

Cotton Terry Surface that Works Against Hypoallergenic


For people who are afraid of hypoallergenic problems like dust, dirt and other liquid troubles, this product will do great. Your sleep experience will be better than anytime else. You can have a quiet and comfortable sleep in this mattress cover. It will also protect yourself from hypoallergenic elements.

  • This as you Can feel Your Original Mattress

    Being thin is one of the very few facts that people love to have on their mattress covers. As we said before, this Queen Size SafeRest Premium is a good fit for babies. And no doubt that babies love it most to have a thin and comfortable mattress cover.

Stylish in Design and Visual Appeal

The most essential and appealing feature of this product is it’s sleek and stylish design. It will not only assist you in better sleeping but also add a visual value to your room. Overall, it will be a part of your house’s visual appeal.


  • Made of cotton terry material.
  • Visually appealing for the house.
  • Free of Vinyl, Phthalate, and Vinyl.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Completely washable in machine.
  • An easy get for the money.
  • Best fit for using or baby.


  • Seems not to have a size for large beds.

05. LUCID Premium100% Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

We are at the end of the list, and here we have a product from the brand LUCID. LUCID Premium100% Waterproof Mattress Protector is may be the last pick of the list, but we are pretty much confident that it will be good at what it promises to be. Also, this product has some unique properties that we can call as features. Let’s explore them together-

Features and Benefits

Made of Ultra-Thin and Comfortable Material

First thing first, we highly appreciate how LUCID the brand has managed to provide a mattress cover in such a cheap price range. This product is made of a comfortable and ultra-thin material that can provide top-notch comfort.

100% Waterproof and Preventive Against Dust and Dirt

No matter how waterproof a typical mattress claims to be, it can’t always give you protection against dust, dirt and many such things. But this LUCID Premium100% Waterproof Mattress Protector had proved itself to be a good protection against all these harmful elements.

Completely Breathable

Although this mattress cover is made to be waterproof, but is have some micro-level pores that don’t let the water pass, but allows air and heat flow. So, while sleeping, you have no chance to feel suffocated. You will face to hard time with passing the air and heat through the mattress cover.


  • 100% waterproof and protective against dust.
  • Washable and easy to clean material.
  • Completely elasticized design, fit-able to any size.
  • Ultra-thin in design.
  • Has a lot of size variation for different bed sizes.


  • Not foldable.


Id had been a pleasure that you have been through the entire review. Hope you have already prepared your buying shortlist and made your mind for the best mattress protectors. Have an eye on the price-quality ratio and we hope this list would be the last thing you need to get the best mattress protectors.