Best Platform Bed Frames Reviews | A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for the best bed for your mattress, may I suggest the use of best platform bed frame? Unlike the conventional beds, these bed frames will allow you to set your mattress directly on the platform bed without including a foundation or box spring.

By doing this, they offer you lesser bed parts to worry about. They also prevent noises when you sleep. In this post, we will look at some of the bed frame reviews from Zinus. We will also include a simple buying guide to sharpen you for the next shopping.

What are the Benefits of Using The Best Platform Bed Frame?

Some of the benefits that will come with using a platform bed frame include the following ones. Platform bed frames are good at taking care of mattresses. They have better bases that prevent the mattress from sagging in.

They are also good at providing the best comfort sleep. Thanks to their comfort height, noiseless technology, and non-slip tape.

Platform bed frames are also good at preventing mold and mildew. This is because they allow better circulation of air around the bed. Again, they are easy to set up, move around, and maintain. This saves time, energy, and also money.

Who Should Buy a Platform Bed Frame?

A platform bed frame can be bought by anyone. The bed is a good replacement for the spring box and works well at prolonging the lifespan of your mattress. It is also very stable and comes with enough support. Most common groups that buying include:

  • People with limited space
  • Anyone who needs a great bed frame
  • People with bad backs
  • People who want better mattress lifespan
  • New parents – for their kids

There is no restriction on who buys this bed. The bed comes with many cool benefits to everyone.

01. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Bed Frame


  • 5 x 38 x 39.5 inches
  • 5 pounds
  • 600 pounds of weight
  • Wooden slats
  • Dark grey
  • Diamond stitching
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Large Storage compartment
  • Zippered and Secured compartment
  • Strong Mattress Foundation
  • Very Easy Assembly
  • Reliable Wooden Slat Support
  • Stylish Dark Grey Color
  • Best Support for Twin Mattress


  • Comes with no spring
  • Customized for twin mattresses

If you want a platform bed frame that’s built to last, the Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched frame would be awesome. The frame comes with a classic styling that gives it a unique and highly attractive touch. This makes it super cool for your bedroom.

The bed frame is also very strong. It has been made out of wooden slats that are closely marched and will last longer with proper care.  The wood slats guarantee enough support too. This makes the bed very stable and sturdy in design.

More importantly, it gives the bed enough strength to support over 600 pounds of weight comfortably. The color is also cool and easily blends in with the room’s decor. It is dark grey with a diamond stitching around it.

The headboard is also sturdy and is designed out of the most magnificent wood. It complements the frame and handles the wooden slats perfectly. The headboard also comes with a safe storage compartment on the back where all the frame’s parts are stored. It is, therefore, very easy to assemble the bed and to get a reliable design out of it.

The sage storage compartment is zippered. So if you want a platform for your mattress, this design is simply perfect. Apart from all this, I loved this bed frame because it is easy to assemble. All the tools and parts required for this job are stored in this compartment.

From the bed frame, legs, to wooden slats, everything comes conveniently placed inside the zippered compartment that’s set at the back of the frame’s headboard.

In addition to that, it also comes with a well-illustrated user manual. The frame measures 75.5 x 38 x 39.5 inches in the exact dimension. It weighs 59.5 pounds which also makes it very easy to transport.

TIP: Buy this bed platform if you have memory foam, latex, spring, or air mattress and if you wanted to have a great place to rest your back on.

02. Zinus Ibidun Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Best Bed Frame


  • Low profile footboard technology
  • Taupe tufted upholstery
  • 8 pounds
  • Foam tape
  • Storage compartment
  • Knitted polyester
  • 600 pounds


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with a stylish design
  • Noiseless touch
  • Soft around the frame
  • Very stable even under the maximum weight


  • Customized for the queen-sized bed
  • Complex user manual to follow

Just like the Shalini, the Ibidun also enjoys some of the best features. These features are quite reliable and indeed make this bed frame. You can, therefore, buy it confidently.

First, the Zinus Ibidun Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed Frame comes with classic styling. It uses the soft button taupe upholstery that is tufted to make the design much conspicuous. Even better, it is made out of very sturdy wooden slats so you can have the best support.

The slats have also been reinforced with steel frames so that you maximize the amount of weight supported. It is, therefore, no surprise that this frame supports up to 600 pounds and fits a queen mattress perfectly. It also lasts longer and will easily give you value for your money.

The frame’s footboard fabric is also quite durable. It is the high-end knitted polyester. The polyester lasts long and retains the unique design and styling that this top-rated bed frame comes with.

Just as the Shalini had a storage compartment, Ibidun also comes with a conveniently located zippered compartment, where the frame, legs, and the wooden slats are stored safely during shipping. The zippered compartment is located at the back of the bed’s headboard.

It is easy to access and will leave you with better storage space once the frame is fixed. In addition to that, a foam tape that is padded is usually added to this steel frame. It boosts the design and also leaves you with a noise-free touch.

It is comfortable and measures 87.5 x 65 x 44.5 inches exact dimension, while the weight stands at 94.8 pounds.

The frame comes with a low profile footboard technology. It has wood slats for maximum support and the feet are exposed for styling. The taupe tufted upholstery also adds softness around the frame and leaves it with a classic framework for a new touch.

TIP: You should buy this frame if you want a perfect transformation of your bedroom with a strong and highly reliable wooden slat support. It is also good for you if you own a queen-sized mattress.

03. Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Navy Button Detailed Platform Bed


  • Navy Button Detailed
  • Storage compartment on its back
  • Foam-padded tape
  • 5-year warranty
  • 5 x 57 x 47.7 inches
  • 9 pounds


  • Noiseless touch for better sleep
  • Easy to assemble before use
  • Strong and sturdy support on the maximum weight
  • Wide headboard
  • Stylish design with a better aesthetic touch
  • Very affordable
  • Best for people with back problems and arthritis


  • Takes time to clean in case it catches dirt
  • Lower weight capacity compared to the other frames

Zinus brand is known to design some of the bed frames. So don’t be surprised on seeing the Zinus Omkaram platform bed frame review here too.

The Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Navy Button Detailed Platform Bed is good for your home. It combines almost all the features that we have seen on the first two platform bed frames above.

It not only comes with a classic styling but also adds a cool touch of class with navy buttoned upholstery. The frame has a wide headboard that’s stylish too. The headboard comes with a storage compartment on its back.

The compartment is larger than what we have seen before and will allow you to store co much more than just the frame, feet, and slats.

The slats are made out of wood. Due to this, they will provide you with strong and sturdy support and also a longer-lasting touch.

More importantly, the Navy platform is upholstered with a unique design. It, therefore, gives this bed frame a smart touch that will leave your bedroom with an additional aesthetic touch. It is easy to assemble and also comes with a foam-padded tape that’s added to the main steel frame.

The padded foam tape leaves you with a noiseless touch. It gives the bed frame a customized touch that guarantees the most peaceful night sleep. And just in case the frame sustains any manufacturing defect, there is a 5-year warranty to go by too.

This platform bed frame is smaller though. Nonetheless, it still provides a space of 79.5 x 57 x 47.7 inches in dimensions and weighs 82.9 pounds.

04. Zinus 12 Inch Solid Wood Deluxe Platform Bed with Headboard


  • 5-year warranty
  • 75-inch bed frame
  • Non-slip tape
  • 2 x 38.2 x 37 inches
  • Espresso touch
  • Weighs 47.5 pounds
  • Foam-padded tape
  • Steel frame
  • 37-inch wood panel


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Light and portable
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Prevents your mattress from slipping
  • Leaves you with a great night sleep


  • Comes without a box spring foundation
  • Not ideal for camping or outdoor usage

The next bed frame from Zinus that we will look at is the 12 Inch Solid Wood Deluxe Platform Bed with Headboard. Like the previous models that we have seen, this one also offers so many cool features for a modern home.

It is easy to assemble and will take a limited time frame for you to set up and use. It comes without a box spring so you don’t have to worry about noisy sleep. More importantly, it is made up of a 37-inch wood panel. This gives it more weight, better support, and a sturdy touch.

The wooden slats are also very strong and will last longer than their intended lifespan if you take care of them properly. Nonetheless, it is the strong slats that support the mattress perfectly so that your mattress also lasts longer.

Even so, it is a good thing that this frame also comes with a foam-padded tape. The tape is added around the steel frame. It serves the same purpose that we saw above and makes your sleep quite enjoyable. In addition to the foam-padded tape is a non-slip tape that’s added on the frame’s wooden slats to secure your mattress and prevent it from slipping or moving when you sleep.

Yet, to give your bedroom the classical modern touch that it needs, this bed frame offers an espresso touch to its wooden frame.

No worries. You can keep this wooden frame for as long as you like. Thanks to the 5-year warranty that guarantees great after-sale service.

This 5.75-inch bed frame and wooden legs are very reliable. They are made from pine and will support every type of mattress including memory foam, latex, and spring mattresses. It measures 76.2 x 38.2 x 37 inches and weighs 47.5 pounds.

TIP: This frame is best if you want a wooden platform bed that sits at 12 inches high and which is designed for users without any box spring foundation.

05. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame


  • Wood Platform Bed Frame
  • Wide headboard
  • 7 inch above the ground
  • Wooden slats
  • Strong steel frame
  • Non-slip tape
  • 5 pounds
  • 75 x 38 x 7 inches


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Prevent your mattress from sagging
  • You can easily climb on or out
  • High-end wood that guarantees longevity
  • Enough durability and support


  • No plastic protectors under the feet
  • Slightly pricey

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame is another frame. Like the other models from Zinus that we have seen, this one is designed to last. First, the bed frame comes with a stylish touch. It has a wide headboard that adds color and style to any modern bedroom.

The headboard is made of high-end wood that guarantees longevity. More importantly, the bed frame is also made out of the perfect combination of top-rated materials. It is designed from wood and metal which gives it enough durability and support. The two materials blend in well to leave this bed frame with a reliable touch.

Zinus Suzanne is set at 7 inches above the ground. This means that you will get a comfort height that you can easily climb on or out of. The wooden slats are also evenly spaced. This means that the sleeping area will be balanced. Your weight will also be spread out perfectly.

In turn, it will prevent your mattress from sagging or developing weak joints. Your mattress can, therefore, last longer. Around the wooden slats as I mentioned is a strong steel frame. The frame maximizes support and also works together with the wooden slats to eliminate the need for a box spring.

The distance between the wooden slats is set at 2.9 inches. This makes the bed very easy to assemble. You can do that in less than ten minutes.

Thankfully, the bed also uses a non-slip tape around the planks. This technology will prevent the mattress from slipping or even moving as you sleep.

Buy this bed frame and enjoy a five-year warranty. The warranty will protect you against any form of a manufacturing defect. It weighs 60.5 pounds and measures 75 x 38 x 7 inches.

TIP: Best for people who are working on a budget. It comes with one of the best prices in the market.

06. Zinus Alexis Deluxe 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed


  • 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed
  • 12 inches high
  • 75 inches
  • Foam-padded tape technology
  • 5 x 38 x 12 inches
  • 32 pounds
  • Non-slip tape
  • Wooden slats


  • Simplest clearances
  • Give you proper support
  • Good sleeping surface
  • Free of any bump
  • Prevents the mattress from sagging
  • Designed to support a footboard or headboard


  • No headboard
  • Not designed for use with footboard

The next bed frame is the Zinus Alexis Deluxe 12 Inch Wood Platform Bed. It is one of the easiest bed frames to assemble and one that replaces the box spring perfectly.

The bed is set at 12 inches high and comes with one of the simplest clearances. The mounting base is made out of a hardwood.

The wood is very durable. It is laid out in the form of slats and is properly reinforced to give you proper support. They also guarantee a sturdy design and works well with the steel frame to guarantee additional efficiency.

More importantly, the frame is set at 5.75 inches. It is reliable and highly resilient. When the slats and the framework together, they will be awesome. You will get a good sleeping surface that’s free of any bump. You will also enjoy a longer mattress lifespan.

Thanks to the strong support that prevents the mattress from sagging under your weight. In addition to that, the design also enjoys foam-padded tape technology.

The foam padding prevents the frame from making any form of noise when you sleep on it. As if that’s not enough, there is the non-slip tape that has also been used on the wooden slats too.

This one prevents the mattress from slipping or moving at all. This makes this frame one of the best, for anyone that has a hard time falling asleep. The bed frame measures 74.5 x 38 x 12 inches and weighs 32 pounds. It is one of the lightest beds that you can buy any day.

Unfortunately, the frame is not designed to support a footboard or headboard. Nonetheless, it still qualifies as one of the best frames for the modern bedroom. It comes with a five-year warranty that gives you the best cover in case you experience manufacturing defects.

07. Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Best Twin Platform Bed


  • Best twin platform bed
  • High-end pine wood
  • Strong steel frame
  • Additional seven leg support
  • Non-slip tape
  • 5 x 39 x 41.5 inches
  • 9 pounds
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Rustic styling
  • Supports a large amount of weight
  • Evenly spaced and give the mattress the best support
  • Eliminate mattress sagging
  • Comfortable and peaceful sleep
  • Padded foam tape


  • Takes a little while to fix
  • Needs keen eyes on the manual

Zinus Paul Metal and Wood Best Twin Platform Bed is simple but very attractive in design. Its style will easily sweep you off your feet. The bed frame enjoys a rustic styling that leaves it with much more than just a casual charm. This is what makes it more of a masterpiece for a modern bedroom.

It is very sturdy and highly durable. The bed frame is designed from high-end pine wood. The wood maximizes its efficiency and also longevity.

In addition to that, the frame is forged from the strong steel frame. The addition of the steel frame guarantees the best support. It also ensures that the bed frame supports a large amount of weight. Underneath the bed is an additional seven leg support.

This one also maximizes the support and sturdiness of the bed. More importantly, pinewood has been used to design the slats. These slats have replaced the traditional spring box and will perform better with or without the spring.

They are evenly spaced and give the mattress the best support. Proper support of the mattress also guarantees a longer mattress lifespan. Users agree that the slats eliminate mattress sagging. However, that’s not all. They also work well with the non-slip tape to prevent the mattress from moving about in the frame.

For people who want a comfortable and peaceful sleep, this is one of the best frames. It incorporates padded foam tape too. The padded foam tape is added to the main steel frame so that the bed frame enjoys a noise-free us.

This platform bed frame also supports a great size. It measures 75.5 x 39 x 41.5 inches. It is also very portable and weighs only 48.9 pounds.

Just as the other models from Zinus that we have seen, this one also comes with a 5-year limited warranty to cover you in case of defects.

TIP: Buy if you want more support. This bed comes with multiple stands that guarantee strength and support.

What You Need To Consider Before Buying the Bed Frame

You have seen the best platform beds and probably realized that they are all good. Don’t worry, it happens. However, with this simple buying guide, you will be able to choose what suits your needs.

Material of Construction

The material of construction for any top-rated platform bed frame is very important. It is the material that determines durability/ longevity. Going with metallic alloy frames and hardwood slats will guarantee just that.

Make sure that your wooden slats are thick enough to support the intended weight. In addition to that, make sure that it fits well into the metallic frame. You can always choose the steel alloy frame above the other best frames.

Steel requires minimal care. It is very sturdy. And above all that, it is quite long-lasting too. Better materials will mean the following:

  • High stability
  • Larger weight capacity
  • Maximum support
  • A sturdy bed to lie on

Portable Bed Design

Next, you need a highly portable bed. This means that the bed should either be light in weight or easy to pack. A compact design will give you an easy bed to transport. To get such a design, you can always look out for a bed with a collapsible frame. Foldable technology is also very ideal.

Easy Storage of Parts

Nonetheless, high portability goes hand in hand with good storage. Since most of these beds can be disassembled, you need a good place to store them and carry the parts. Beds with headboard often have a storage compartment that all the bed parts can fit in. The compartments are usually set behind the headboard.

Best Design Technology

Finally, the bed should also have different cool technologies. These technologies will make the bed easy to use. It will also make them more convenient for any user. Here are some cool technologies.

  • Non-Slip Technology
  • Padded Foam Tape Technology
  • Rubber/ Plastic Under-Feet Technology


To make you understand how the bed frames work here are a few terminologies explained.

Frame: A frame is usually the outer structure of the bed. It is also the place where the bed’s foundation gets its support once the bed is set up.  It is also the whole set up that connects the headboard and the footboard.

Foundation: Under the bed is a surface that supports the mattress. This surface is called the foundation. It is the area where the mattress lies on. A foundation was originally made of a box spring. In the best platform beds, it is a base that’s made out of wooden slats.

Platform: This is composed of both the frame and the foundation. It is the whole setup as raised from the ground that consists of wooden slats and the frame.

A platform bed is a bed that uses no box spring technology to support the mattress. Instead, the mattress is supported by wooden slats that are set on top of a frame. The bed frame is one that suits your needs. From size, weight, price, to use, this platform bed should be a perfect fit for your use.

Where To Buy

You can buy from any shops around you. However, you will have to part with high prices as the local vendors will factor in additional costs.

Instead of all this hassle, there is a better way. Just buy you bed frame online. You will have a variety of frames to look at. You will also shop in the comfort of your home. The prices are affordable and you will get many offers.

Finally, the bed frame will be shipped right to your doorstep. It is simple, easy, and without any hassle.


Buying the best platform bed frame doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right choices to go with and the right tips to follow, it will be very easy. This guide has given you everything that you need.

You can choose from what we have given you. Or you can also use the buying guide to shop for what suits your needs. More importantly, you can always identify your needs first before you purchase. This will help you in making a targeted buy.