Choosing The Best Sodastream Bottles Reviews [Updated 2023]

Buyers often get double minded during buying best sodastream bottles for machines. Because a bunch of bottles are available with amazing colors and sizes. For the reason bottle buyers get hesitated on that moment. In this article we have tried to show the right procedures before buying the perfect one.

Everybody expects long lasting durable and easy to use bottles. On this stage sometimes buyers takes cost saving decision and buys thin fragile short lasting renewable bottles. In fact these bottles enhance cost.

After conducting complete assessment on cost effective and long lasting bottles, we are suggesting to buyers for getting a perfect bottle.

Pic No 1. Twin Pack Sodastream Bubbly Bottles

These bottles have the capacity for allow holding extra sparkling sodatream water. Infamous BPA haven’t been used for making this plastic bottle. Harmful chemical agents like BPS also haven’t been used during manufacturing.

Cap is the very significant part of any bottle. This sodastream bottle has a hermitically sealing cap. These caps preserve sparkling water for longer. Its air tight binding does not allow entering any toxic particles of air, pollutants or any health damaging organic compounds.

Have the ability to take enough carbonation pressure.

Lasts up to 2 years so, no need to change like other thin fragile and environmental obstructive renewable temporary affordable plastic bottles.

These bottles have the compatibility to fit with any version of sodastream machine.


  • Long lasting.
  • BPA & BPS risk free.
  • Durable sealed cap.
  • Easy fitting compatibility.
  • Tolerance for carbonation.


  • Not so cheaper like other renewable bottles.

Pic No 2. Twin Pack Slim Black Sodastream bottles

These sodastream bottles have compatibility with aarke carbonator. These have easy cleaning utility. There has a smooth and slippery surface inside these bottles that helps to make it clean by normal water. Hermetical sealed caps that keep drinks safe.

Usually common plastic bottles can’t take continuous carbonating pressure. For that, by extra carbonating pressure a normal bottle quickly loses their shape. But these are do not.

It’s safer than others whatsoever. Hygienic chemical components haven been applied for making this bottle.

Setting flexibility with other machines is the best features of these bottles. Nice sizes have given these bottles a new dimension. These bottles last up to 2 years.


  • Hermetically sealed caps.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made by health friendly plastic.
  • Suitable shape.


  • Need to clean regularly.

Pic No 3. Original Sodastream Three Pack Bottles

These sodastream bottles last up to three years. These are easy fit with other machines. By measuring safety factor like prompt damage, burst risk or losing shape, a perfect technology has been applied to avoid complexities.

These aesthetic bottles have the tremendous ability to store extra carbonation. Hard cap gives no space to germs and pollutants to get in. These have drinks saving strong caps.

These are very sturdy. Bottles with full of drinks are not breaks down even after fall to ground. After using a lot shape does not change at all.

Adjustable shape suits to keep stored in any refrigerators shelf.


  • Hard caps.
  • Risk free.
  • Technologically purified.
  • Nice design.
  • Easy adjustability.


  • Need to use properly.

Pic No 4. Purple Blue Green Sodasream Bottles (Three Pack)

These amazing colorful bottles have 1 liter capacity. These have additional carbonating receiving ability. Hermetical sealed caps have the safeguard to keep drinks hygienic. Strong caps do not allow to enter something in. They properly fit with any sodastream machine.

These bottles are very easy to clean. Fit with any refrigerators rack. Since acetate is made of plastic it does not break easily. Their ability to withstand pressures is nonpareil. Their preparation technology has certainly ensured durability. So these would not burst under carbonation or refrigerator gas pressure.

Enjoy drink too much fizzy than others.


  • Lasts up to 3 years.
  • Strong sealed cap.
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy cleaning utility.
  • Fits with any machine.


  • Need repeated washing.
  • Need to keep dry.

Pic No 5. Flawless Metal Sodastream Bottle

It’s a single bottle made by light stainless steel. This metallic bottles lasts up to 2 years. Its strong hermetical sealed caps helps to retain drinks for long time. Extra carbonation receiving capacity is the specialty. So users can enjoy bubbliness of any drinks.

No chance of leaking is another special characteristics of this bottle. There has a little rubber gasket on the top of the cap keeps air tight binding. Cap is hard does not permit any harm particles, germs and bacteria’s.

This bottle has some removable parts can be cleaned easily by using suitable brushes. This is also fits into any refrigerator. This is a fabulous one to get chill drinks for longer time.


  • Steel body.
  • Sturdy sealed cap.
  • Removable parts for cleaning.
  • Suitable size.


  • It’s a single bottle pack.

Buyers guide for best sodastream bottles  

Various offers are here by descriptions. Renewable, affordable bottles are here. But before buying bottles everybody should consider some criteria to select the perfect one are as follows:

Think longevity

There are some cheap bottles that are made of thin plastic. You must think about bottles which last for long. In checking moment find printed expiry date on the bottles body. If you observe no date is there. Don’t buy.

Think size

Size is the first considerable matter. During purchase a bottle for your machine, think this bottle will match with machine or not. Hence you have to think about flexible bottles which match with any machine. Otherwise you will find purchased bottle as worthless one.

Think durability and hygienic factors:

During buying it is considerable that, this bottle is durable enough or not. Usually plastic bottles are made by using BPA & BPS to make it harder. These are harmful for health. Check it. Excess harder plastic haven’t have elasticity. After pressing by fingers, shape of those bottles wouldn’t be a minimum change.

These are made by BPA & BPS components. But BPA & BPS free bottles changes its shape immediately after pressing. Some metal bottles also available into market. But stainless steel made bottles are more durable than others.

Examine Caps

Chump or weak caps have few disadvantages. Cap preserves drinks. So you have to check caps that are stronger. So find hermetical seal on it. There will be printed seal by international quality control authority on every recognized caps body.

Consider cleaning utility

Bottles need to clean on regular basis. So how will it be cleaned? Ask to seller about it or follow using indications. No need to think enough. Above factors you will help you for finding an effective bottle.

Usually some questions could come relating to best sodastream bottles.

So, let’s have a conversation.

How long these bottles last?

These bottles last up to 2 to 3 years depending on the variety.

What about bottle caps?

These bottle caps are strong, durable and hermetically sealed.

Are the bottles in suitable size that matches with any sodastream machine and refrigerator?

Yes, all kinds of bottles are here in suitable sizes. These are matches with any machine and refrigerator.

What are used to make for?

Generally these are made by hygienic plastic. However mild metal like stainless steel are also utilized for making appropriate bottles.

What is hygienic plastic?

Hygienic plastic means is the plastic is made without using hazardous chemicals like BPA & BPS.

What is the problem with BPA & BPS?

BPA & BPS are injurious for health. Harmful compound of them affects drinks of the bottle.

Which negative effect comes to health through them?

It has some potential effects on health. Generally BPA increases type 2 diabetes risk. It creates newer heart problem along with blood pressure. Apart from that, BPS effects on lever that reduces metabolism. It creates obstruction on reproductive health as female hormone gets estrogenic problems.

How will it be detected that your bottles are BPA & BPA free?

Fantastic asking. Well, we have already discussed about how BPA & BPS will be detected. So once again, BPA & BPS bottles are too much harder as whenever you apply minimum pressure on it. It will remain standstill. Shape won’t be expanded. But BPA & BPS free bottles have elasticity. By pressing, shape of these bottles can be changed a little bit.


Sodastream using is a common matter in modern life. Usually that machine delivers sparkling water, mild beverages and tasty drinks to a bottle. So, suitable bottle is the most important thing to consider.

Before buying bottles without thinking its impacts on health is not a wise idea. Firstly users should know what best sodastream bottles are. Because entire bottles into market may not be hygienic. Apart from that, considering harmful elements users should purchase health friendly sodastream bottles.

It’s mentionable here; affordable items may carry some silent side effects to health. So think about the top mentioned bottles.