Top 7 Best Sodastream Machines Reviews for 2023

Regular tap water can be quite boring to drink. It will taste flat in the mouth and you rarely get a delectable thrill out of it. But that’s not how it has to be always. With the best sodastream machine, you can transform your regular tap water in seconds.

What is the Best Sodastream Machine?

This is a machine that will transform your regular tap water into a fresh sparkling water. The machine is designed to do this in the shortest time possible. Most of these machines will take less than 30 seconds.

The machine fizzes the water by the use of the carbonation technology. That’s why it also called the best soda maker. The system can also work for other beverages including apple cider, wine, flat beer, lemonade, and tea.

I am going to take you through comprehensive reviews of the best soda water makers. I have sampled some of the top-rated designs. These models are easy to work with and have awesome features too.

Let’s take a look at what I have prepared for you here.

01. KitchenAid KSS1121CU Beverage Maker, Contour Silver, soda stream source.

This soda maker is for anyone who wants to enjoy a fresh and fizzy beverage. The sparkling KitchenAid best soda maker is powered by the SodaStream technology.

It also has many other additional features that you will love. For starters, the system is made out of a premium die cast metal. This metallic housing makes cleaning an easy feat that you can indulge in anytime.

The all metal design also gives the system a durable touch. It maximizes efficiency and also the longevity of the soda maker.

Along the side of this best soda maker is a carbonation lever. This lever comes with a soft grip handle. The leaver is easy to use and will help you to fizz up your preferred level of carbonation faster.

The soft grip handle, on the other hand, comes with 4 settings. These for settings equip the soda maker with the ability to choose the best amount of fizz for your beverage.

And since you will get over 60 flavors of sodastream from this unique soda maker, you will have unlimited choices to go by.

It includes a 60Liter CO2 tank and 1L BPA-Free Reusable Bottle. The premium die cast metallic housing is also compatible with the many SodaStream Products that you will get.

However, I love this soda maker because it is portable. It is also light and will take a very limited space on the worktop.

soda stream source


  • 4 settings
  • 60 flavors
  • 60Liter Capacity
  • Dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 17.9 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • CO2 tank
  • 1L BPA-Free Reusable Bottle
  • Premium die cast metallic housing


  • Easy to clean after use
  • Durable die cast construction
  • Easy to operate and fizz up a drink
  • Stylish, sparkling, and classical design
  • Blend in easily with your home decor
  • Best for longevity.


  • One BPA free bottle
  • Limited colors to choose from

02. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

If you want to make fresh and sparkly water at the first push on a button, you can use this next best soda stream source.

The Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle is a simple system to use. It is energy efficient and will help you to save so much money on the power bill.

The Fizzi system is powered by the CO2 cylinder. Each of the cylinders carbonates about 60 liters of sparkly water.

The system is also compatible with the flavors that are available today. It works well with the carbonation bottles too and that’s why you get BPA free bottles when you buy.

Since it will turn your water into the sparkling water in a matter of seconds, this compact and cordless technology is the awesome.

You can move it around the home easily while enjoying sparkly water that’s just one button press away.

But what makes this sodastream system even better? It is designed to perfectly fit in any home, office, or apartment set up flawlessly.

The machine features the best design. It is a slim and space saving design that operates without any form of electricity. This means that you can use it at anytime, anywhere.

The BPA-Free carbonating bottle is also easy to set up and will leave you with a quick carbonation system.

Features sodastream fizzisodastream one touch

  • BPA-free carbonating bottle
  • Weight: 10.65 pounds
  • (2) 60L CO2 cylinders
  • (3) 1L slim carbonating bottles
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 11.2 x 17.4 inches
  • (2) 40ml fruit drops flavors


  • Easy and quick carbonation system
  • Gives you sparkling and fresh drink
  • Has a larger capacity
  • Stylish black color that blends


  • Takes a while to set up
  • Needs routine cleaning

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03. SodaStream White Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit one touch.

Apart from the sodastream fizzi above, another top of the list carbonation system is this. The White Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit is easy to use. It has awesome features that will suit anyone who need a fizzling drink.

First, this system will transform regular tap water in a fresh and sparkling water in seconds. It comes with a sleek design and a white color that blends in flawlessly.

Even so, everyone seems to love this soda stream system because of its intuitive LED indicator. The LED indicator allows you to see your level of carbonation before you start to fizz your beverage.

In so doing, you will easily adjust the carbonation levels to your preference. You can measure from light, medium, to heavy fizz and use the 3 levels to set that up.

Finally, the system’s BPA-Free bottles are reusable. They come with a Snap-Lock system that makes fizzing easy too.

The CO2 cylinder is also reusable and each cylinder will help you to make around 60 one-liter bottles.


sodastream one touch

  • Mini CO2 Carbonator
  • Intuitive LED indicator
  • 3 Fizzing Levels
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches
  • Snap-Lock system
  • Color: White
  • 1L BPA-Free Reusable Carbonating Bottle
  • Weight: 7.73 pounds
  • 60 Liter CO2 Carbonator


  • Create the perfect carbonation level
  • Easy to clean carbonation system
  • Makes many bottles of fizzy drinks
  • Easy to operate
  • Quite affordable


  • No battery
  • White color catches dirt easily

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04. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Black and Silver Water Maker

The next seltzer water maker is stylish too. The Jet Sparkling Black and Silver Water Maker blend in well with any background. Thanks to black and silver color.

Even so, it has other additional features that make it unique. First, the black and silver touch makes it unique and attractive.

The metallic casing also makes it durable and adds upon its lifespan. Nonetheless, it is the Slim-fit and space saving technology makes it a darling of many homes.

The Jet system is perfect for any frequent carbonation. It is highly compatible with the 60L & 130L carbon dioxide cylinders.

This is the only machine that’s compatible with both 60L and 130L CO2 cylinders. Therefore, it maximizes flexibility and allows you to enjoy limitless carbonation capabilities.

Better for you the fizzing bottles have a snap-lock technology that fits them in seconds. Each CO2 cylinder will also make around 60 one-liter bottles of fizzing drinks.

Nonetheless, the bottle is light weight and easy to use. The Twist-lock technology is also easy to learn.

You don’t have to worry about electricity or batteries as the system doesn’t need any to power up.

Finally, to make your carbonation process easy, there is a push button system. It is textured for additional grip.

This one touch kit includes everything a user needs to make fresh and sparkling beverage in their home.

soda water maker


  • Twist-lock technology
  • 60L and 130L CO2 cylinders
  • Snap-lock technology
  • Metallic casing
  • Black and silver color
  • A push button system


  • Slim-fit and space saving technology
  • Uses no electricity or batteries
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Compatible to 60L and 130L CO2 cylinders
  • Maximizes the carbonation capabilities


  • CO2 cylinders refilled separately
  • The bottles must be cleaned after use

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05. Drinkmate 410-02-3z Beverage Carbonation Maker home soda machine

Drinkmate is simply awesome. It fizzes almost every beverage: from apple cider, wine, flat beer, lemonade, tea, and cocktails. This system will get the party started.

It has a detachable fizz infuse that leaves you with better control over the system. The fizz infuse system is also easy to use and will enable you to have a fresh drink in no time.

In addition to the infuse system, this home soda machine also has two release button. The buttons work together with the infuse system to maximize control and the release of the Co2.

Thankfully, this system just like the rest is very easy to operate. It uses no electricity or even batteries and instead gets its power from the Co2 cylinders.

And to make your system faster and efficient, the package comes with a Quick connect bottle. The bottle is BPA-free bottle. It has a volume mark line that you can use to measure the exact amount of beverage that you intend to fizz.

Even better, this system comes with a smaller foot print. This small foot print doesn’t take up much of the worktop space. Instead, it gives this portable sodastream jet system a flexible touch to any home.

One thing that blew me off my feet with this system is the 3 oz test CO2 cylinder. This one is just to make sure that the system works.

Remember to use the Fizz-Infuser to control the carbonation level and also the release of CO2 when carbonating your drink!

Features sodastream one touchseltzer water maker

  • 3 oz test CO2 cylinder
  • Fizz-Infuser
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 16 inches
  • BPA-free bottle
  • Weight: 4.55 pounds
  • Two release button


  • Ultra-light in design
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Long lasting design
  • Fizzes unlimited beverages


  • Small capacity CO2 cylinder
  • Shallow user manual

06. SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Black Sparkling Water Maker

Another machine for making fresh sparkling water is at the SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Black machine. The machine is equipped with the best fizzing technologies and also awesome features that make your work easy. This Seltzer Water Maker comes with a one touch button. The one touch button enables you to transform regular water into fizzing water in seconds.

The machine has a compact design that enables it to fit beautifully in any space. It will fit simply in your home or office. The machine also features a slim and space saving model. This means that, even if you move it around it won’t cause any havoc.

More importantly, it is super light too. One thing I love about this water fizzing technology is the snap-lock technology. The snap lock technology will instantly clip in your BPA-free carbonating bottles and quickly leave you with the best carbonation experience.

It has three levels of fizz that you can select from at the touch of the power button. The levels determine the type of fizzing you need.

This kit also includes a 60L CO2 cylinder. The cylinder is refillable in case it runs out. In addition to that is a 1L slim carbonating bottle. It is BPA-Free and very much reusable once cleaned.

However unlike the other systems that we have seen, this one is powered by electricity. Even so, it is energy efficient and won’t leave you with huge electric bills.

Featuresseltzer water makerhome soda machine

  • 60L CO2 cylinder
  • 1 Liter BPA-free reusable
  • Power Source: Electricity
  • Three levels of fizz
  • Dimensions: 6 x 10.8 x 17.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.49 pounds


  • Each cylinder carbonates about 60 liters of water
  • Compatible with all carbonation bottles
  • The bottles are BPA free
  • Easy to use system
  • Compact and space friendly design
  • Comes with additional user manual


  • Powered by electricity
  • Slightly complex user manual

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07. SodaStream Jet Sparkling Silver Water Maker (Best Soda Maker)

Our final review of the soda water maker is the SodaStream Jet Sparkling Silver Water Making machine. Like the other machines that we have seen, this machine will transform your regular water to fresh water in seconds! Thanks to the numerous features that it comes with always.

To mention some that I love, this soda water machine comes with a push button. The button has a fast response and will power up the system in less than a second. The system comes with a 60L CO2 cylinder. This CO2 capacity provides the best carbonation system. It works with a 1 liter BPA-free bottle. The bottle is reusable and has a Twist and Lock system for easy attachment to the system.

Unlike the one above, this system is powered by CO2 cylinder. You don’t need electricity or even batteries when using this system. The best thing here is the ability of each cylinder to carbonate up to 60 liters of water. More importantly, the system is also compatible with flavors.

But what makes this system unique? It is the silver touch that most guys love. The finish is sleek and classic. In addition to that, the same finish makes it corrosion free. It makes the machine easy to clean and also gives it a durable touch.

Features best soda makersoda water maker

  • 60L CO2 cylinder
  • Weight: 6.15 pounds
  • Push button
  • BPA-free bottle
  • Twist and Lock system
  • Powered by CO2
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 17 inches


  • Light and easy to move around
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Cleaning is simple
  • Maximum of sixty bottles
  • Doesn’t corrode


  • Has no test cylinder
  • Comes with only one BPA bottle

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Considerations When Buying the Soda Water Maker

If you want to buy the best soda stream machine, there are a number of considerations to make. In this section, I will highlight on the most vital considerations. If you take all these in account, you should have a great home soda machine.

Carbonation Capacity

First you have to find out the carbonation capacity of the machine. A machine with a larger carbonation capacity will give you more fizzled water in a single run. Looking at this feature is especially very important if you have a larger household.

A larger carbon cylinder will also minimize the number of times you have to refill your CO2 cylinders.

For a larger family, a soda water machine that’s compatible with both the 60L and 130L CO2 cylinders will be superb.

Machine Power Source

The next big thing that is necessary to look at is the machine’s power source. We have electric powered and those powered by CO2. If you don’t have constant supply of power, going with the latter will be the best.

Personally, I prefer a design that doesn’t use electricity or battery system. It is flexible and I can use it any time.

Nonetheless, having a cordless model will also give you greater flexibility above any other thing.

Type of Construction

The type of construction determines the longevity of the soda water machine. If you want a system that will last longer you should look for machines that have durable materials. High end metallic touch will have greater lifespan than hard ABS plastic.

A premium cast metallic casing is often the best. It lasts longer and is highly resistant to any forms of corrosion.

Portability/ Weight

Another very important consideration is the weight of the soda water maker. A good soda water maker should be easy to transport.

In this case, it should be light in weight. It should also have an ideal size. A great size will allow the machine to take very limited space on a worktable. It will also ensure that the machine fits flawlessly in any type of household.

While looking at the weight, keep an eye for a compact size too. This is very important and will help you to save space when setting up the soda maker.

Other Tips That You Should Know

Apart from what I have listed above, there are many other factors to consider when buying a soda stream source machine.

Bottle Lock System: Snap and lock technology is common today. However, T-lock systems are also awesome. You need a system that keeps the bottle in place as you fizz your beverage.

Ease of Use: An easy to use system is also very important. Look out for machines that come with user manuals. Make sure the user manual is easy to follow through.

Price: If the price is right and it meets your needs, go for it. It is best to set up a budget first before you hit the shops.

Ease of Cleaning: An easy to clean home soda maker is very important. It is a great way of keeping germs away and having clean beverage.

Tips to Keep In Mind When Using

To use your sodastream machine perfectly, here are a few tips that you must keep in mind. If you follow them, you should have a memorable experience with your fizzing machine.

Lock Your Bottle Properly

Always confirm that your BPA-Free bottle is properly locked before you begin to fizz. This is a safety precaution. It is also very ideal for anyone who wants the best results. Any bottle that doesn’t lock up could lead to spillage.

Clean Your Soda Maker

Make sure that you clean your soda water machine. A well-maintained machine will work efficiently. It will also ensure that you keep bacteria and germ away for a healthy lifestyle. The machine and the bottle should both have a cleaning routine.

Learn the User Manual

Before you start to use your seltzer machine, take your time to learn the machine. Use the manufacturer’s manual to learn how the machine operates. In addition to that, also learn the dos and don’ts of the machine.

Keep Away from Kids

Keep your seltzer water maker away from the kids. Kids love to try out what they always see you doing. Leaving any machine lying unattended could be very dangerous for them. This applies to even the soda water maker.

Types of Soda Stream Models

There are eight types of soda stream models. They include the The Crystal, The Revolution, The Source, The Fountain Jet, The Fizz, The Dynamo, The Pure, and The Genesis.

In this review, I have looked at the four main models which are The Revolution, The Source, The Fountain Jet, and The Fizz.

The Fountain Jet requires no power source to operate. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries to work.

The Fizz and The Source, on the other hand need battery power to operate their display components. Even so, the battery is always included in the package.

However, The Revolution mode is the only design that requires electric power to work. Nonetheless, The Fountain Jet and The Fizz also require you to twist the BPA-Free bottle into place.

This is unlike The Revolution and The Source that will all lock the BPA-Free bottle into place using the snap and lock technology. You don’t have to twist them at all. This technology has made them very easy to use.

Finally, in The Revolution models you will find a button that you press to carbonated. The Fizz is however, not automated. Nonetheless, it monitors and displays the amount of carbonation that you need.

The Source comes with three LED lights that show you how much carbonation you have in your drink.


Now you know how to choose the sodastream machine. You understand how the machine works, how to use it, which type of best soda water maker to choose and what to look at while buying.

These tips that I have given you are meant to make your work easy. Such that, even if you don’t buy any of these top rated designs, you can still find an ideal one. In addition to that, the sodastream reviews can also help you to find an ideal machine for your loved ones.

With that said, it is time for you to grab your seltzer water maker. This is the best way to turn your regular water into fizzing fresh water.

You will do it in a matter of seconds. In short, you will save time and end up with a fresh and tasty beverage superfast.