Best Undercounter ice Maker Reviews | A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Unlike regular refrigerators best undercounter ice maker has the fastest performance capability. These appliances consist of single ice making device.

Single ice makers have the continuous ice producing and preserving capacity. These devices are usable for kitchen, basement, wet bar, office, church, boat or other places.

Users might have some negative experience with some previous ice producing devices. Further difficulties with some new conventional devices may arise. Considering that, we are presenting various sort of ice making appliances herewith different performance scales.

These best undercounter ice makers for ice solution

Now you are around perfect devices. So, you should consider a suitable thing from this following shelf. These efficient appliances are able to fulfill your desire.

1. EdgeStar IB120SS Dynamic best ice maker for home bar

best home ice machine

EdgeStar IB120SS has a dimension of 25 1/4″ H × 15″ W × 18 1/2″ D. This appliance has the dynamic capability for producing 12 pounds of ice in a day with the capacity to store 6 pounds of ice.

A 25 foot long 1/4″ water line supports connection with reverse osmosis water filter system. Through this line 5 ounces of water takes place into mold tray.

After setting power on refrigeration system starts ice production. After 24 hours produced crescent shaped ice deposits into the built-in ice bucket. A plastic scoop also has been included with this device for cleaning the ice bucket. However, a controlling arm has been attached here for temperature control.

Among other varied trait, ice bucket into refrigeration unit stores ice pieces for longer; ice melting never happens so, it does not require a water drain line.

Auto shut-off technology has been applied with this device. So, after fulfilling the ice bucket ice generating mechanism will automatically shut-off. Ice production can be stopped and wouldn’t make ice until emptying the ice bucket.

This device is suitable for a home bar, kitchen, basement, boat, office or to other suitable places. There has a stainless steel door with reverse swinging capability. Air ventilation has been attached in front of this device for easy air flowing.


  • 12 pounds of ice producing capability along with 6 pounds of ice storing capacity.
  • 25 foot long 1/4″ water line.
  • Auto shut-off technology.
  • Stainless steel door with reverse swinging capability.


  • Licensed professional needed for installation.

02. Whynter UIM-155 A steady ice maker

best ice maker for home bar

Whynter UIM-155 has 15″ W x 18″ L x 25″ H dimension consumes 120 watt electricity. This is capable of slow and steady ice producing, can produce 12 pounds of crescent shaped ice in 24 hours. 6 pounds of ice storage capacity is available with its built-in ice bucket. A plastic ice scoop has been included herewith.

A 25 foot long 1/4″ food grade water line can be used to set with water filter line. Through this line water can be delivered to built-in mold water tray.

Then this device finishes producing ice within stipulated time. Produced ice accumulates into its built-in ice bucket.

With its mechanical unit a high efficiency CFC free compressor has been attached. This compressor starts main cooling operation.

With auto shut-off action, when ice bucket become full with ice cubes ice producing process automatically shuts off. So, ice making won’t start until emptying of ice bucket.

Produced ice stays for longer time as no melting appears. For this reason, no water drain line is here for water releasing. A controlling knob has been attached here for controlling the temperature.

The door is made of stainless steel. The strong body matches with any kitchen, wet bar and offices. It also can be placed to basement, boats and other convenient places. It’s an easy installing device.


  • 12 pound ice in 24 hours. 6 pound storage.
  • 25 foot long 1/4″ food grade water line.
  • Attached controlling arm.
  • Front air flowing unit.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • High efficiency CFC free compressor.



03. Sunpentown Stainless Steel Door Ice Maker

best ice maker for home

Sunpentown is able to produce 12 pounds of ice in a day. With its chilling unit an ice catching tray has been included. From this tray produced ice goes to the built-in ice bucket that preserves ice for lengthy times without melting. So, no water drain needed.

This ice maker consists of stainless steel door with black body with dimension of 18 x 15 x 25 inches. 4 built-in leg stands allows it for free standing in any plain surface. The reverse door moving trait allows opening the door either from left or from right side.

Exhaust fan has been attached with air ventilation unit at lower front of the body for free flowing of air. This unit helps to keep cool the mechanical unit. A highly efficient compressor has been set as an appliance which requires 115 volts of electricity.

A water line has been connected with this ice maker. Through this line necessary water can be delivered to mold tray from multipurpose sources. With the process a water filter output line can be connected with this input line.

There has an arm for controlling air temperature. By pushing up this arm cold air generation can be stopped. However, this device has an auto shut-off mechanism. When ice bucket gets full ice producing automatically shuts off. But chilling system maintains the necessary temperature.


  • 12 pounds of ice producing capacity in a day.
  • Exhaust fan with air ventilation unit.
  • Compatible water line.
  • No water drain.
  • Auto shut-off.


  • Little noise may appear.

04. SPT IM-600US ICE MAKER with extended capacity

best portable ice maker

SPT IM-600US can outperform other best ice makers that has the capacity to produce 50 lbs transparent ice cubes in a day and can preserve 25 lbs of ice cubes.

A water trough has been attached as impure water will fall back into the trough. So, to get nice, clear and tasty ice cubes pure and filtered water is a must requirement. Purified water enters into the device through its inlet. A reverse osmosis water filter is the best for this ice making device.

A sensor has been linked with its compressor for saving energy. When its storage bucket gets full with ice this sensor helps to shut it off automatically.

For the long period of time ice stores into the bucket then it start melting. Melted water comes out by a hose pipe through its drain.

Controlling the sizes of ice cubes is one of the best capacities of this device. At rear of unit a control box has been added for changing ice sizes. Red, Green and Yellow LED lights fix time and function.

Clean, adjust and mode button are connected with these LED lights. By pressing MODE and CLEAN buttons ice cube sizes can be increased or decreased. ADJUST button is for turning this ice maker into adjustment mode.


  • 50 Lbs of ice producing & 25 lbs of storage capacity.
  • Water trough and a drain line.
  • Ice size control box.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • LED Reminder.


  • Filtered water is must requirement to get clear ice.

05. Scotsman SCN60PA-1SS Nugget Ice Machine

best ice makers

We are introducing with a nice ice making device Scotsman SCN60PA-1SS. Total dimension of this fantastic device is 22.8 (Front to back) x 14.9 (Side to side) x 33.4 (Top to Bottom) inches. With sleek finished stainless self-closing door is here for airtight closing and smooth opening. Interior light has been attached inside for clear looking. It’s a free standing machine.

This magnificent ice producing machine has the capacity to produce 30 lbs of gourmet ice in a day with a capacity to store 26 lbs of ice into a built-in separate box for weeklong.

Its special condenser allows for making nugget ice from bits of compacted ice. These are softy chewable that can absorb tasty flavor of beverage. This machine has the capacity to produce 80 lbs of nugget ice from bits of compacted ice. So, this machine can be compared with commercial ice makers.

An automatic temperature controller also has been included with the device. Into machine unit, a compressor has been connected with a sensor. The sensor reminds the machine unit when ice box is full. Then machine immediately stops further cooling and shuts off automatically. This shut-off technology temporarily stops ice producing. But after recycling box, ice production starts again. With the process of making nugget ice, bits of compacted ice can be placed from ice box to tray. A pump drain utility has been added for release the melted water.


  • 30 lbs of quality chewable ice producing capacity.
  • 80 lbs of gourmet ice producing.
  • Capability to store for weeklong.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Automatic temperature controller.


  • Little bit inconvenience for drain pumping.

6. Costway the best portable ice maker for multiple use

Best Undercounter ice Maker

We are talking about a tremendous ice machine that can be used for various purposes. This automatic portable ice cube making machine is suitable for commercial circumstances. Costway is the ice making machine that has the capacity for rapidly produce 88 lbs of ice cubes in a day. A cycle of 0.9”x 0.9”x 0.9” sized 32 pieces of cubes are produces within 12-18 minutes. 8.8 lbs of ice cubes can be stored into ice bin.

This is suitable for homes, restaurants, wet bars, hotels, grocery stores, bakeries, supermarkets, beverage shops as well.

Structure surface of this ice machine made of stainless steel. Thick thermal insulation material has been attached inside structure. Widest front air ventilation unit of this device allows for coming out hot air so cold air can’t come out.

LCD indicators shows low and overflow water levels. However, when ice storage box is full this device stops ice producing automatically. After emptying ice storage bin ice production starts again.

To prevent breeding of bacteria and smell, an automatic digital easy cleaning function unit has been added in front. A timer has been attached herewith the equipments of this unit that perform easy cleaning.

An in-box lighting feature has been added for getting ice at night even when light is off. A viewing window is here for observing entire ice making process without open it. Copper nickel plating grid has been added to resist corrosion and producing ice quickly.


  • 88 lbs of ice production and 8.8 lbs of storage capacity.
  • Digital cleaning timer to prevent bacteria.
  • Water indicator with auto overflow protection.
  • Made of durable components.
  • Freestanding application.


  • Extra drain hose pipe is required.

7. Manitowoc UYF0310A Neo a commercial ice machine.

Manitowoc UYF0310A Neo is a powerful workhorse that has massive ice making capacity. This ice maker can yield 290 lbs of ice within 24 hours. Into the ice box 100 lbs ice can be stored. 24.4 gallon of water needed for producing 100 lbs of full ice cubes. So, this fluent performer is applicable for big family members, churches, large wet bars, hotels, restaurant or other places where a lot of people gathers. It’s an easy to install ice making device that rapidly produces ice cubes.

This heavy and big size machine’s dimensions are 30″W x 28″D x 38-1/2″. Its 4 strong long foots permits freestanding in any plain ground. 115 volts of electricity is requires for this high performing durable ice machine. It takes water through the water line. Water enters inside by this pipe and dispenses to tray.

Machine units of this ice making device are consists of durable appliances. Mechanical preparations with durable appliances have made it long lasting. Air condenser delivers coolest air into its chilling unit. Produced full sized ice cubes goes to ice storage box. Ice can easily be collected from this bin.

There is a control unit has been attached with this ice machine as thickness of ice cubes can be set by setting to a fixed point. This size controlling unit can easily be operated by pressing necessary buttons.


  • Massive ice producing capability.
  • Suitable for commercial use.
  • Long lasting.
  • Big in size and heavy weight.
  • Pure mechanical preparation.


  • There is no water line included.

08. Orien FS-55IM stainless steel ice maker

Orien FS-55IM has the dimensions of 23 x 14.6 x 33.5 inches can produce 44 lbs of clear ice in a day with a capacity to store 25 lbs of ice. This machine can be set using its built-in stand of without stand for indoor use. There has a ventilation unit at backside which disperses hot air outside.

A water filter can be connected for avoiding minerals inside the machine. Into this device an automatic water overflow unit is here to protect overflowing water. Two connectors are here for this water delivering and melted water releasing. These connectors have been set for ensuring supply pure water and removing possible negative effects of meted water. We know bacteria can be grown inside the storage box for melted water of ice.

A durable air condenser has been set with this ice maker which chills water and helps to turn water into ice clear ice cubes. Water dispensing unit supplies water to built-in mold tray. When ice pieces gets shape these are goes to storage box. So, collect and enjoy ice cubes.


  • Can produce 44 lbs of ice cubes in a day along with the 25 lbs of storage capacity.
  • For home and commercial use.
  • Reliable air condenser.
  • Easy air ventilation.
  • Water overflow protects automatically.
  • CFC Free.


  • Little noisy.

09. Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ 15 with self-contained competency

Presenting Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ 15, an ice making machine with self-contained proficiency. Dimension of this machine is 26 x 18 x 37 inches which fulfills the requirement of ADA compliant. Perfect undercounter design is UL approved for outdoor use.

Hoshizaki has the ability to make a production up to 55 lbs per day. Its built-in storage capacity allows to store up to 22 lbs of ice pieces. Its self condensing appliance delivers chill air into the ice making unit and helps to produce top Hat style full cubes.

Door of this machine has the flexibility of easy to change the side. Air ventilation unit exhausts hot air that results the machine never gets heated. Besides that, fewer moving parts of this machine have ensured its longevity.

At rear part of the body, an inlet is there for entering water into the machine’s water tube through a pipe. Tube delivers water into chilling chamber. After producing, hat style full ice cubes are takes place into ice bucket.

Drain is connected with ice bucket for setting a drain pump there. By pumping, melted water releases from ice bucket. So, bacteria’s get no chance for born into ice bucket.

Operating limits are, ambient temperature range is 45 – 1000 F, water temperature range is 45 – 950 F, water pressure is 7 – 113 PSIG and voltage range is 104 – 127 V.


  • Self-contained proficiency
  • Produces up to 55 lbs per day.
  • 22 lbs of storage capacity.
  • Changeable reverse door opening utility.
  • Long lasting.


  • Have to clean by extra fluid.

 10. IKICH Countertop Best Portable Ice Maker

IKICH is a speedy ice machine has a faster mode of production. Within 6 – 13 minutes this ice producer can produce 9 pieces of bullet-shaped ice cubes per batch and 26 lbs in 24 hours. 2 Cm (0.8 inch) and 2.5 (1.0 inch) sizes of ice cubes can be produced that depends on ambient temperature.

A water reservoir is here for pouring water into the machine. A water line has been marked here for not exceed the line during pouring water into this tank. So, water level should be maintained under this line. A water drain is situated at the bottom of this device.

Produced ice cubes will automatically be accumulated into the built-in 1.5 lbs/0.7 kg ice basket. These cubes easily can be collected by an ice scooper. These ice cubes can be used in varied drink and food purposes including relieving from pain, sprain and swelling.

When ice will be full indicator light will remind immediately. Along with this activity another indicator light will also remind to add water. Its crystal window allows observing its function.

This is portable and not a bulky ice machine keeps only 7.1 kg’s of weight. This is an energy saving and low noise ice making device. This machine consumes low power however a powerful compressor has been added herewith the mechanical unit. Apart from that quality copper aluminum fin condenser and 21 gm R600a refrigerant has been included into the mechanical unit as well.


  • Quick ice making capacity.
  • Low noise.
  • Energy saving.
  • Portable and light weight.
  • Digital indicator counter.
  • Mechanical unit made of powerful and durable appliances.


  • Always need to clean before use.
  • Purified water can produce best ice.

Purchasing Recommendations (Buying Advice)

As a new useful machine, such as an ice making device, there might have hesitation within a buyer to respond. Bundles of devices have already available into the market. From the varied models, we have tried to help for setting mind of buyers for the following factors to consider.

Factors of Suitability

Varied models are consists of various compatibility. Demand is related with traits as well. So, a specific model can’t fulfill every need. For this reason, suitability with need is the first and foremost factor to consider. The machine you want to buy whether is applicable within your purpose or not? Where will it be used? What are your requirements? What sort performance do you need?

For various indoor use

If you want to use it in indoor place, then you have to select the correct option which fits with your requirements. Thereafter, you have to think about the dimension of a machine that will match your place for setting. Consider about suitable space, place, and electricity with water source. Except that, setting in a church, in an office or other indoor places think about the above mentioned things. Hence select your perfect machine.

Checking compatibility

Don’t compromise with durability. Machines with low noise, energy saving, auto shut-off, auto temperature control, automatic water overflow protection technologies are suitable for indoor use.

For commercial use

You will have think about a machine which has rapid production capability and long time preservation capacity. What amount of ice this machine can produce? How big storage facility is available herewith this machine? Long lasting machines made of durable appliances are always sustainable.

Consumer demand is one of the supreme factors. With these regard you will have to think about the machine that can fulfill your consumers demand.

So, find long lasting, portable, lightweight and energy efficient machines. Massive and quick production capability and longtime preservation capacities would be perfect for you.

Utilities & Easy using

Every machine might not have entire utilities. Some models have automatic functions. Also have digital controlling system. But it doesn’t mean that, machines with manual functions are not suitable.

Cleaning increases longevity. So, you have to consider cleaning factors.

Find a machine which is easy to use. However warranty and customer support are the significant points for thinking.

Possible Questionnaire for user (FAQ)

Whenever numerous models are illuminates eyes of buyers few questions may provoke them. In this episode, we have tried to reply these answers as conversation manner.

What is difference between a freezer and an ice maker?

A freezer is a cooling device that has two units. But an ice making maker has single chilling unit that only produces ice with different sizes and preserves for long times.

How many ice shapes are produces with these machines?

Crescent, top hat style, cubes, gourmet ice, bullet shaped and nugget ices are produces by these machines with different sizes.

How long these machines take to produce a single batch of ice?

Every machine made of different characteristics. Types of machines take 9 to 90 minutes to produce per single batch of ice.

What are the amounts of ice these machines can produce per day?

Types of machines can produce 12 to 290 lbs of ice within 24 hours.

What are the amounts of ice these machines can store?

Types of machines can store 06 to 100 lbs of ice.

Which sorts of technologies applications, functions and proficiencies have been applied for manufacturing?

During manufacturing of these machines, free standing applications, reverse swing door compatibility, auto water overflow, auto reminder, auto shut-off technology along with auto temperature control, auto ice transfer, ice size controller and for protecting breeding of bacteria, ice bin cleaning technologies have been applied.

What is the necessity of a water drain?

Every machine does not require a water drain. Because, ice is never melts into the ice buckets of these machines. But some machines need a water drain line. For long time preservation ice melts into the ice preserving box. So, there would be a chance of born of bacteria. For this reason, through the water drain line water can be emptied from ice bin. To keep these machines hygienic this drain line is required.

Why filtered water should use for making ice?

Every water source might not be hygienic. Produced ice with unhygienic water can create heath problems. So, it’s highly recommended to use filtered water for ice making. However, some models of these machines have the utility to filter impure water.


A best undercounter ice maker is expected to anybody. These ice making devices meets maximum requirements. In previous day’s user had to make ice by conventional freezers in a very little amount. In commercial circumstances big ice factories with huge sized heavy machines were used for making ice pieces.

With the change of time and gradual development of science and technologies, in recent days, above ice machines are now in front of users with varied technologies.