How Many Calories Do You Burn in a Sauna? Details Review 2023

In case you didn’t know, Saunas are much more than just relaxing spaces. While you can unwind and also warm up, the truth is that you can also burn a few calories. How many calories do you burn in a sauna? This is very important to your health. Thanks to the ideal heat that saunas emit.

What You Should Know

While taking several sauna sessions cannot replace healthy eating or regular exercises, the calories burned can supplement your fitness efforts.

Even so, brief and irregular sauna sessions will only cause you to part with the water weight. However, once you have hydrates after your sauna sessions, the water weight will instantly come back.

What this means is this. Sauna sessions will help you to lose water weight. However, you might find it hard to lose the stubborn fats that have accumulated around your body.

Someone who wants to lose fat quickly will have to embrace several other weight loss remedies including body work out and proper dieting.

However, constant and regular sauna sessions with the right diet might have a better result when it comes to losing fatty weight.

How Much Weight Can You Lose? how many calories do you burn in a sauna?

Weight loss occurs in many fronts. You can lose your water weight and still say you have lost weight, but this will be regained once you hydrate.

You can also burn calories. The best weight lose remedy with permanent results will be to burn body fats or to burn calories.

For sauna weight loss, it is estimated that a person who weighs 185 pounds can burn about 60-80 calories if they has a 30-minute sauna session. So if you have set your sauna weight loss goals, I suggest hitting the road.

In short, sauna can aid you in losing weight. However, you will have to design a diligent weight loss program and stick to it.

Benefits of a Sauna

Apart from losing weight, there are other cool benefits that you can reap from sauna sessions. They include the following.

Flushing Out Toxins

The body system also gives out so many toxic excretions. Extra urea for instance is given out through urine. The same applies to sweat. With a sauna session, however, you will get more sweat and thus more toxins out.

The pores on your skin will also be cleared of any clog and thus your skin will release extra toxic wastes through sweat.

Stress Relief

Sauna sessions will give you the time to meditate and loosen up. It will give you a personal time that you need to reflect upon your life. This is a good way of relieving stress and keeping off the hassles of life.

The people who take time to get sauna sessions will seem happier, healthier, and radiant especially when they step out of the sauna.

Muscle Pain Relief

The type of life that we live easily leaves you with an aching body that you may not be aware of. That’s where sauna plays a key role. If you have sauna sessions, the heat from the sauna gives you the best therapy.

This type of therapy will eventually tone down the pain in a sore muscle. No wonder many massage therapists also use heat therapy.

Better Skin Health

The final benefit that a sauna gives is better skin health. As you take the sessions, your skin is cleared of dirt and gunk. You will then get better skin health.

Other Weight Loss Options that Work With Sauna

To maximize the benefits of your sauna weight loss program, you need to integrate other best weight loss programs. Here are the two main programs that you can easily incorporate in your sauna weight loss plan.


Body exercising is one of the two main options that you can go with. This will include bodyweight training, body building, aerobics, and calisthenics.

These types of exercises are really helpful and will maximize the amounts of calories that you burn.


While exercising maximizes the amounts of calories that you burn, dieting regulates the amounts of calories that you will burn.

It will ensure that your calorie intake per serving is within the required range. This will, however, be possible only when you have the right types of foods.

In case you decide to incorporate dieting to your sauna weight loss as opposed to exercising, you may need a nutritionist to help. In case you missed it, How to use a sauna?

How many calories do you burn in a sauna


So how many calories do you burn in a sauna? The truth is this, sauna sessions are a good remedy for people who intend to lose weight.

However, you need to be disciplined with your sauna routines. You must also include a bit of exercising and body workout programs.

One other thing that you will require for sauna weight loss is proper dieting. This means loss fats, controlled calorie intake, and finally, a better lifestyle.

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