How to Buy a Bed Frame? | Get Best Expert Reviews for 2023

I have seen several friends battle with a simple thought, how to buy a bed frame. What I know is that they aren’t the only ones. Once I was in the same shoes and many of us have been there before.

However, if you are just getting to this point in time when you want to learn how to buy a bed frame, you are among the lucky ones. In this post, I will show you how to purchase the ideal bed frame.

I will also give you some additional tips that might help you when it comes to buying a bed frame. Here is how you buy a bed frame. Let’s take a look.

How to Buy a Bed Frame:

Step I: Know Your Mattress

If you have a mattress choosing a bed will be easy. The type of mattress will determine the type of bed frame that you need. Here is how that will go down.

  • Full-size mattress: Double bed frame
  • Queen-size mattress: Queen-size frames
  • King size mattress: King size frames

NOTE: When it comes to the king-size mattress (best blow up mattress) you must first ensure which type you’ve got. Determine if you have the California king or the Eastern king. These two are slightly different thus a bed frame that fits either may differ.

Step II: Weigh Your Mattress

Next you should determine the weight of your mattress. Depending on the mattress density, you will need to get a frame that can easily support that weight. A heavier mattress on a weaker frame might leave you on the floor.

You don’t want to ruin your good night sleep by making the wrong choices. So, make sure that apart from the mattress type, you also know how much your mattress weighs.

Step III: Know Your Stature

This is equally important. The frame that you will bring will only serve its purpose if it can support you and your mattress.

That’s why it is important that you know your stature. This will include your height, body size, and body weight. A good bed frame will be the one that supports you comfortably.

Step IV: Measure the Room

Remember, you will fit your bade frame in your bedroom space. A good space should fit your bed frame and still allow you to move around easily.

This freedom of space is vital especially if you need to fix the bed frame. To get a sense of what size of bed frame you will require here is what you can do.

  • You can measure the size of the room
  • Place the mattress on the surface
  • Then use a masking tape or string to approximate the bed frame size

NOTE: The space for movement after you fix the bed frame is vital. So if you feel that your space will choke, you can opt for smaller mattress and a smaller bed frame that fits. A platform bed frame often helps in saving space.

Step V: Choose the Ideal Bed Frame Type

Another vital step when it comes to how to buy a bed frame is the frame type. You can choose between a box spring and a platform bed.

Platform beds allow you to use the bed frame without necessarily having a mattress or a box spring. This makes it the easiest remedy to use.

Even better, there are other platform beds that can also easily accommodate the box spring. However, this will push a little higher above the ground.

Step VI: Overall Size of the Final Bed

How bulky is your final bed? What is the size of your final bed? How raised is the bed above the ground? There is the standard comfortable height that you can go with.

However, you don’t need something too bulky. For your bedroom to look awesome, you should get a smart bed out of your design.

In case your bed is bulky, you can opt to remove the headboard, bookshelves, and box spring (if it a platform bed).

NOTE: At this point, you should have the right bed frame. One thing that you can also consider is the type of decorating style that you need to make your bed stand out.


Now that you have seen the best pointers on how to buy a bed frame it is all systems go. You should be able to grab an ideal one for your personal use or for your loved ones.

What you need to keep in mind is the design of the bed frame, price, size, and space. All these will come in handy when choosing the right bed frame for your day-to-day needs.

An everyday bed frame should also be quite comfortable so that you don’t wake up feeling fatigued.

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