How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker: Detailed Information

Cleaning an ice maker is one of the essential things that ensure it lasts longer. Still, cleaning ensures that an ice maker works efficiently. learn how to clean a portable ice maker?

The common misconception is that bacteria and mold cannot grow in your ice maker. Just because they are cold, doesn’t mean they are safe. Mold and bacteria are a common thing in ice makers, and they can cause serious illnesses.

So, regular cleaning should part of your routine. Cleaning, however, depends on the type of ice maker. Each manufacturer specifies the maintenance and cleaning process in the user manual they provide. Therefore, learning how to clean ice machine should be an easy process.

How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker

Manufacturers provide user guides, with explicit instructions on cleaning your portable ice maker. Additionally, they give the intervals at which you should clean your ice maker. I suggest that you do the cleaning at least once a month.

Nonetheless, the following signs should tell you it is time to clean your ice maker.

  • Produces ice with funny/strange/ unusual taste
  • Visually seeing dirt on the inner or outer wall of the ice machine
  • Ice that appears cloudy in of ice machine meant to provide clear ice
  • Small that usual ice
  • Produces ice that melts faster

Did you know that people get sick from a dirty ice maker?

An ice maker accumulates debris with time. In fact, ice cubes contain a sizeable amount of frozen bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning your ice maker guarantees you clear ice, excellent tasting ice, clean aroma, and best of all, better health.

Proper Steps to Follow While Cleaning Your Ice Maker

Materials and reagent

  • Warm water
  • White vinegar or lemon juice
  • Measuring cup
  • Q-tip or soft toothbrush
  • Cleaning solution
  • Baking soda
  • Soft cloth
  • Pitcher
  • Spoon
  • Microfiber

I recommend the following steps while cleaning:

Preparing Your Ice Machine

  • Unplug the unit and move it close to the sink: this makes it safe and easy to clean the unit.
  • Drain water from the reservoir: the portable ice maker has a drainage plug on the lower side. It may appear as a screw cap. Unplug and let the water drain in the sink, container, or cup.
  • Remove the ice basket: the ice basket and scoop go hand in hand. Remove them and place them aside. Soak it in warm water and soap while you clean the ice machine.

Make/Select the Cleaning Solution

The type of cleaning solution you use matters a lot.

Dish soap is excellent. You can use soapy water, but ensure that you rinse thoroughly. It’ll be a bad idea to make ice with detergent. Additionally, it can create lather in mechanical parts. Ultimately, this will damage the unit.

I suggest that you consider using vinegar or lemon solution because they are edible. Also, they are natural and effortless to use. However, you must how to clean ice maker with vinegar. Dilute the vinegar with water in a 10:1 vinegar to water ratio.

Besides, there are green products you can buy, such as ice maker descaling and cleaning solutions.

If your ice maker machine has mold, I would recommend that you use Concrobium.

The Cleaning Process

Spray the cleaning solution on the inner side of the ice maker. Wipe the interior thoroughly using a soft cloth – microfiber cloth with warm water. Ensure that the interior is clean, even the hard to reach areas where debris and mold potentially accumulate.

Diluted homemade solution may not be efficient against the stubborn stain. In this case, use pure vinegar or lemon. It makes it easier to get rid of dirt.

Clean the exterior walls.

Cleaning the ice basket and the water reservoir

These two components need thorough cleaning. Use warm water, soapy water, and microfiber cloth. Ensure that they have no soap traces. Then reassemble the portable ice machine. Securely fit the drain plug.

Run a cycle with a cleaning solution

To make ice, plug the ice machine into the socket and turn on the unit. Then pour vinegar solution/cleaning solution into the ice maker.

This step is to ensure that the cleaning solution reaches all parts. Any debris, hard water residues will dissolve in the cleaning solution. This is not edible ice but cleaning.

Remove the ice and rinse the ice machine. Rinsing involves pouring water and then opening the drain plug. I suggest you do it twice.

Run a cycle with clean water, plus lemon juice

Repeat the procedure as above, but with clean water. The process concludes when all water in the tank is consumed. Again, dumb this ice batch, and repeat the procedure. This time around, you’ll get fresh and delicious ice.

Lemon juice takes away the bad taste.


Learning how to clean a portable ice maker is easy. You can use the provided user manual or find beneficial insights online. Nonetheless, you cannot deny that a clean ice machine gives taste-free ice

While cleaning, remember to air dry the portable ice maker for a few minutes. Air drying prevents the formation of grime inside the machine, thus perfect cleaning process.

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