How to Clean Sodastream Bottles & Machine?

Cleaning is a must necessary thing for every beverage assisting components. Especially when it is related with soda making items then it is compulsory to know how to clean sodastream bottles? Because it’s connected durability and heath well-being.

Numerous guys might have some bitter experiences about cleaning soda machine and bottles. Either someone met with negative consequence or some people might found damage. This article will help you to get find proper soda machine and bottle cleaning tips.

How to clean sodastream bottles?

Are you double minded that would soda bottles should be cleaned by conventional way by using dishwasher or other washing agents? Trying to killing germs & other hazardous elements into bottles? Then you should look for following cleaning manners.

Cleaning methods for soda bottles

Normally dishwasher is utilizes to clean the bottle. But though it is plastic made bottle so that can’t take hot pressure of dishwasher. We know heat creates expansion of a material. So the effective tips are to think about:

  • Pour nearly 50 ml of liquid or 2 table spoon citric acid powder.
  • Then fill it with little bit warm water and close the bottle with cork.
  • Shake the bottle properly for few seconds till bubbles coming.
  • Wait for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Drop the water out of the bottle.
  • Rinse it off by clean water.
  • Wash cap by similar method and dry both bottle and cap.

Sodastream Cleaning Tablets Are the Easiest Way

Dish washing or bleaching powder and heavy weight detergent will scratch bottles. However these can create fragility which lead the bottle to get damaged. So somebody who willing to avoid that unexpected outcomes see how sodastream tablets can clean the said problems for cleaning sodastream bottles.

How to Clean Bottle by Sodastream Tablets

  • Add a single tablet into the bottle with thin warm water.
  • Strongly shake the bottle and stop shaking till soaking it up.
  • Empty the bottle and wash it properly with little warm water,
  • Then dry it totally.

Best sodastream bottle cleaning tablets are available here within your buying range. So check price on amazon.

Phosphates and Oxygen originated cleaning agents and coconut alkyl are used as ingredients for manufacturing this tablet.

As pre caution this is to be noted here, keep the tablet away from children.

Sodastream Bottle Expiration

Why do sodastream bottles expire? Here is the nice question to be answered. Every substance has its decay. Due to successive pressure of carbon during producing soda water, bottles body got expands a bit.

But continuous pressure of carbonated water slowly weakens its structural matters. However lack of regular cleaning, scratching spots takes place on the body. Thus sodastream bottles loses its normal shape.

In this context experts recommends to keep the bottles in a cool and dry place for long time use. It is mentionable here generally that can be used up to 02 years. Nevertheless, expiration date on the bottle to be followed as well.

Why to clean a sodastream machine?

After using a sodastream machine (how to use sodastream) it is need to do clean. Because, cumulated chemical dregs will deposit into non-cleaned machine. Continuous using of non-cleaned machines could immediately carry negative consequence. So users should have to clean sodastream machines with regular intervals.

How to Clean a Sodastream Machine?

Sodastream machines are the best choice for saving daily extra cost. But performing no cleaning with continuous use turns this machine slow and as an unhealthy one. A little user knows how to clean a sodastream machine.

This knowledge is helpful for keeping those machines longevity while wrong application for cleaning will damage them. Appropriate learning method for cleaning make those machines as hygienic beverage assistive device. So following techniques should be applied for cleaning it.

  • Remove bottle from the machine then remove hydrant.
  • Clean spout with soap mixed clean normal water.
  • Wipe little dust particles through entire corner to the last edge where bottle exists.
  • Clean the bottle setting whole by a soft wet cloth. Wet sponge can substitute for cleaning.
  • Soft roasted cotton bunch for cleaning dregs.
  • Don’t use gasoline diesel or engine oil for cleaning or hot water.
  • Don’t use any pesticide for killing germ or any chemical compound.
  • Dry it in a warm place not using hair drier or heater.
  • Don’t any electrical appliance as electric shock will make this machine non-effective.

Cleaning the body

  • Dry news print paper is a good soaker. It soaks entire sort of liquids whether it can be chemical mixed water or oily liquids. So whatever liquid takes place on the body of a sodatream machine, a news print or kitchen tissue paper will promptly adsorb it. But if any liquid agent got dense on the body and become hard then wet news print paper also can be used for wiping.
  • Wet plain cotton or soft cotton cloth is the best option for cleaning body of a sodastream machine.
  • Choosing whatever option is does not matter but body of the machine should have to clean slow and softly. Don’t clean rapidly.
  • Don’t use any scrubber or brush to avoid scratched spot on the body.
  • Don’t use hard soap or shampoo to keep brightness of the body.


Sodasream bottles have been using for long span of time. But users did not cared about how to clean sodastream bottle. For the specific reason mean while a plenty of problems come around. In this regard our thinkers presented a lot of tips and techniques above for washing the possible upcoming difficulties.

After watching and observing about how to clean a sodastream machine we suggest the mentioned manners as advice. If users prefer it then our efforts will meet with success.


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