How To Cut Memory Foam Mattress Topper? Simple Tricks

How to cut memory foam mattress topper? Rough and uneven top sleeping surface are inconvenient. But sleeping on a comfortable bed is one of the most desirable things. Sadly, mattresses get worn out quickly. However, how to cut memory foam mattress topper will accelerate your sleeping. Instead of buying a new mattress, I suggest you buy a mattress topper to restore the comfort you once had.

Mattress toppers are easier to handle and can support your existing mattress. It is, however, worth noting that beyond the best mattress, you need a mattress topper. Does the firmness of your current mattress impress you?  Try a foam mattress topper.

With the need for quality products increasing in the sleep industry, memory foam stands out as the best material for toppers. Modern types are, therefore, made from memory foams conferring excellent pressure relief and reducing motion transfer when tossing or turning at night.

What are memory foam mattress toppers?

A memory foam toppers are 1″ to 4″ tall piece of memory foam, that covers the entire surface of the mattress you are currently using. The primary purposes of purchasing toppers are;

  • To give current mattress longer life
  • Let’s you change the firmness of your mattress to what suits your needs.

Keep in mind that mattress toppers are removable and a great addition to a mattress that is very soft.  And, did you know that sometimes they are called mattress pads? and how to cut memory foam mattress topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers are small but heavy. Thus, storing them can be a tad challenging. To store these mattress toppers, you need to fold/compress them. The process isn’t straightforward, and I recommend two people ding the task.

How To Cut Memory Foam Mattress Topper without Causing Damage

Compressing your memory foam mattress topper is quite easy.  However, you might need extra hands to help if it is created of a thicker foam. For thinner versions, you can do it single-handedly.


  • Storage bag – the most commonly used materials are plastic bags. You can find them in numerous shops easily. However, consider getting the right size. Again, get those that are heavy-duty but recyclable and are also sealable.
  • Tie-down straps – these are ideal in cases where you have thicker foam mattress toppers, i.e., 4 inches. I recommend that you buy those that are stretchable (nylon) but are durable.
  • Tapes – there are different versions of tapes in the market. However, I’d recommend that use the packing tape or duct tape to reinforce the enclosure of the carry bag. If you bought a thicker bag, and probably you’d want to use it again, it suggests not using a tape that is too sticky. Such a tape can tear the bag while unpacking.
  • Vacuum machine – an ordinary home vacuuming machine can remove the air from the bag well.

The Process of

How to Compress Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Check the condition of your mattress topper.  When you choose to compress your mattress topper, it means it is time to store it. It is vital to ensure that it clean. Ensure that you remove all stains, dirt, and dust that might have come into contact with the topper.

Storing it with dirt might stimulate the growth of mildew and mold. Undoubtedly, these fungi will destroy the mattress topper. Again, they might cause skin conditions when you decide to use the topper once more.

After cleaning, let it dry before storing it.


The procedure of folding depends on the size of the topper. For queen size mattress toppers, you might consider folding them into three parts to reduce the overall size first.

After folding, roll it into something smaller for easier storage. Remember, the ease of rolling the memory foam mattress top depends on the thickness. A 2-inch will easily roll, and one person can accomplish the task. However, for thicker foams, I suggest at least 2 people for folding and rolling.

After folding, tie the mattress using the tie strap to prevent from rolling out.

Slip the mattress topper into the bag

As easier indicated, you can use a plastic bag, customarily used for moving mattresses, a vacuum-sealed bag, or you can use the original bag you bur mattress topper with.

A protective wrap is a must-have equipment in the storage of a mattress topper. Otherwise, dust, bugs, molds, etc., will get access to your mattress and will definitely destroy it.

Keep in mind that where you are going to store your mattress topper can never be clean enough for storage. Thus, a protective cover is the only way to save the mattress topper.

Ensure the storage bag is airtight and large enough.

Remove the extra air.

At this stage, you intent to create a vacuum in the storage bag. Push the mattress topper the end leaving a considerable plastic bag to the open end. Insert the home vacuum hose and roll the open end to ensure that it’s airtight.

For special vacuum bags, insert the hose through the valve.

Switch the vacuum cleaner on. This action sucks all the air from within the storage bag. When the vacuum cleaner is done sucking all the air, remove the vacuum hose quickly and roll the tip tight. Seal it with duct tape-should be high-quality and sticky. With those few steps, you now know how to cut memory foam mattress topper.

Is it safe to cut memory foam mattress topper?

Compressing a memory foam mattress topper is a safe process. However, it is worth noting compressing foam for a long will result in crevices and plumps. According to experts, the recommended time of storing your foam mattress topper should be between 6 to 7 months, then allow for inflation.  But, they can stay past this period without any damage.

How long does it take to inflate a memory foam mattress topper?

It depends on the size. However, within 24 hours, the memory foam mattress topper will be good to go.


Learning how to cut memory foam mattress topper is a must-do for those who own them. The process is critical as it retains the pristine nature of the foam topper, whether you need to store it or transport it. And it is straightforward.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can a memory foam mattress topper be customized to fit a specific bed size?

Answer: Yes, a memory foam mattress topper can be cut to fit a specific bed size by following the right steps.

Question: What tools are needed to cut a memory foam mattress topper?

Answer: You will need a few basic tools like a sharp utility knife, measuring tape, and a straight edge for cutting a memory foam mattress topper.

Question: How do you measure and mark the memory foam mattress topper for cutting?

Answer: Use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions needed for your bed size. Mark the measurements on the mattress topper using a fabric marker or tape.

Question: Can you use the excess foam from cutting for other purposes, as suggested in ideas on how to cut a memory foam mattress topper?

Answer: Yes, leftover foam can be repurposed for DIY projects like cushions, pillows, or padding, as suggested in ideas on how to cut a memory foam mattress topper.

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