How to Make a Firm Mattress Softer: Understand Your Mattress

A firmer mattress is less comfortable – no debate about it. How long do you plan on sleeping on something uncomfortable?

Many people think that some mattress feels firm just because they are new. This is partly true. However, some mattress has just been created to be firm. And, if you bought such a bed, that could make your nights unbearable.

Is it worth it? You can salvage the situation by learning how to make a firm mattress softer.  In this post, we discuss various ways you can apply to make your bed hard mattress more comfortable.

Does firmness level matter in a mattress?

The firmness of the mattress is a highly subjective term. Everyone has their perspective when it comes to a soft or a firm mattress. But then again, your weight also determines how you feel when you sleep on your bed.

If you weigh more, you’ll tend to sink in your mattress, and this makes the bed feel softer to them. Contrarily, if you are petite, you’ll sleep on top of your mattress. As such, you find it has a firmer feel. The way out is getting something thicker and supportive.

Additionally, how you sleep affects the feel you get from your mattress. The inceptive feeling you get when you first sleep on the bed is the primary determinant of your experiences to come.

While some mattresses push back immediately, you lie on them while others offer a cloud-like comfort with a generous amount of cushioning. Such a mattress conforms to your shape and will hug you. Still, other matters strike a balance between push-back, hug, and contour, i.e., medium feel.

Most people find soft mattresses to be very comfortable as compare to the firmer ones, especially those having conditions like scoliosis or fibromyalgia. Above all, you need to keep the alignment of your spine in the best position ever, whether you sleep on sides or your back.

Did you know that you spent a third of your day sleeping? This translates to a third of your life. Then why would you sleep on something uncomfortable?

How to make a firm mattress softer?

There is numerous option you can apply to make your mattress soft. Let’s look at some of them.

Check the foundation of your mattress. The first thing to check when your mattress feels too firm is checking the foundation. Different mattresses have different foundations. And even from the same company, you can find mattresses having different foundations.

You are likely to feel a change if, for instance, you shift from an innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress. Reason – they have different foundations.

To maintain your comfort, you’ll have to ditch the box spring. But if you have a mattress that isn’t memory foam, the box spring foundation will give your bed a softer feel.

Remember, a foundation can be either slatted or a solid platform. A platform makes surface firmer, but they work well with almost all types of mattresses. However, do not use box spring mattresses on slatted platforms.

Some foundations are adjustable. They head and foot range motion. For such foundations, you might consider using adjustable mattresses.

Expedite the break-in period

In most cases, the new mattress feels firm. They need some time for them to break in. This happens to things like shoes too.

The best way to break in is by sleeping on the mattress every single night. Eventually, it will give in and become soft. However, you can speed up the process. Just walk on the mattress for a few minutes each day. If you have kids, let them play on the bed for a couple of minutes. This will soften it rather quickly.

Keep in mind that most companies state that the break-in period is 60 days.

Consider buying a mattress topper

A mattress topper is an excellent addition to your bed. It can transform the feel of your mattress. In fact, a mattress topper is the quickest, cheapest, and most effective way to turn a harder surface into a softer one.

Typically, it acts as a supportive layer, which you add on top of your bed.  It effectively enhances pressure pint relief as well as contouring. There are different types of toppers materials, e.g., latex, wool, cotton, feather, memory foam, polyfoam, and down alternative.

However, memory foam is the most popular material. When it is time to buy a mattress topper, consider purchasing those less than 2 inches.

Regulate the temperature in your room

Some mattress models are temperature sensitive, For instance, if you use memory foam or airy polyurethane foam. If your bedroom is freezing, the mattress tends to shrink; thus, it becomes harder. Sleeping on such a mattress can be uncomfortable.

You can warm your mattress or the room. It will absorb the heat, and the whole bed will soften up. You can use a heated blanket, adjusting the thermostat, or use flannel sheets.

Flip and rotate your mattress

Some mattresses allow flipping. If you have such a mattress, you can simply flip or rotate it.

  • Give it a 180 degrees rotation, or
  • Turn the top side to face down

Some companies create a mattress that has different firmness levels on each side. You can use the softer side.

Additionally, I suggest that you rotate your mattress seasonally to prevent permanent indentions or to sag.

However, this option won’t work for pillow-top beds.

What’s your Mattress’ trial period?

Online mattress companies proffer a trial period. That means the number of days you test the mattress before you fully commit to the mattress this usually happens in your home.

On average, these companies offer a 100-night trial period. However, some brands have longer periods. I suggest you consider companies offering a longer trial period.

Companies will normally offer refunds and come for their mattress if they are within the trial period.

If none of the tricks above work, get a new mattress.


There are numerous ways on how to make a firm mattress softer. However, not all of them apply to all types of mattresses. With the tips I have suggested, I’m sure you understand what mattress firmness and softness mean. Again, you can confidently turn a harder mattress into a softer one effortlessly.

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