How To Use A Sodastream : Completely step by step Guide

How to use a sodastream, If you have to learn how to make seltzer water, you must first understand how to use a sodastream machine. This is very important since without a sodastream, you cannot have your soda water.

What’s a Sodastream?

This is a device that carbonates water and beverages. The machine works by adding carbon dioxide from its pressurized cylinder and in turn creates soda water.

Make the sparkling soda water is often done by a single touch on a button. More importantly, the SodaStream machine allows you to choose from a variety of water flavors. You can use these water flavors to make your favorite soda water, or delicious seltzer water.

How To Use A Sodastream and How Does Work?

how to use soda stream machine? I know you must be asking; how does a sodastream work? Well, that’s our next topic. Let’s find out how a soda stream works.

The way SodaStreams work is very similar to the way soda guns operate.  In their system, the water is first carbonated before concentrated syrup is added. The concentrated syrup adds flavor while the carbonation spikes the water. The result is usually a fizzed up drink that’s tasty.  SodaStreams work best with water. However, different people hack SodaStreams system to carbonate various beverages.

How To Make Carbonated Water?

Now that you have seen how the sodastrem work, it is time to learn how to make seltzer water for your use.

  • Get your sodastream ready. It should come with packs of soda refills.
  • Pour cold water into the water bottle. This depends on the sodastrem machine.
  • Take the water and freeze it up for a few days.
  • Leave until the temperature goes a little over the room temperature.
  • Lock the bottle on the sodastream machine. Press on the carbonation button.
  • You can add your favorite flavor. Your carbonated water should be ready to drink.

NOTE: Anyone who is looking for how to make club soda should follow this same formula too. It is the easiest way to make your soda water at home.

Types of Sodastream

There are many types of soda water makers. The most common models that you will get include the following.

  • The Revolution
  • The Fizz
  • The Source
  • The Fountain Jet

Nonetheless, there are other additional models that we have today. These models are; The Pure, The Dynamo, The Genesis and The Crystal.

What the Differences between the Sodastream Models?

How to use a sodastream? If you already know the considerations to make when buying a sodastream, then you have one more hurdle to jump. You need to learn the differences between the sodastream models that we have.

In this part of the post, I will give you an overview of how these models vary from each other. I will explain the unique difference of every model too. I believe that at the end of this article you will be able to pick a model that suits you.

Sodastream Similarities

However, before I get to that, I want to tackle the similarities of these sodastream models that we have here.

Soda Making Ability

First, the eight models of sodastream make soda/sparkling. You can also use them in your home which makes them very convenient.

Stay Fizzy Bottling

Next, all these models support the “stay fizzy” BPA-Free bottle closure. This bottling technology is designed to keep your beverage carbonated for long.

Carbon Cylinder Use

Even better, they are also compatible with a standard carbonation cylinder. When using this type of cylinder, which measures 14.5 ounces, any sodastream model will carbonate sixty liters of sparkling water or soda water.

Among these models, there are four, which can also use the larger 33-ounce carbon cylinder. This means that they are capable of carbonating 130 liters of soda/sparkling water. These models include:

Sodastream Carbon Cylinder

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  • The Revolution
  • The Dynamo
  • The Fountain Jet
  • The Fizz

CO2 Carbonation Power

Finally, when it comes to carbonation, all eight models will use the CO2 tank power source as their carbonating technology.

Differences of Sodastream Models

How to use a sodastream? The differences in these sodastream models are quite conspicuous. I have listed them in an easy-to-understand pattern.

Power Source

When it comes to how these machines operate, The Genesis, The Crystal, The Dynamo, The Pure, and The Fountain Jet operate from the CO2 tank power. They don’t need any additional source of power to operate.

However, The Fizz and The Source use the battery power to display its digital components. Even so, The Revolution is the one model that needs electricity to operate.

Dishwasher Safe

Next, not all the models are dishwasher safe. The Crystal has a dishwasher safe glass bottle. The remaining models have the BPA-free bottles. However, the bottles aren’t dishwasher safe (cleaning sodastream bottles). If you need a dishwasher safe bottle you can buy it separately.

Bottle Lock Technology

Apart from these two differences, another difference lies in the bottle lock technology. Apart from The Revolution, The Crystal, and The Source that use the snap lock system, the rest need you to twist the water bottle to fit it in place.

Automated Technology

Finally, the only SodaStream that’s fully automated is The Revolution. With a single press on a button you can easily tell it how to carbonate your drink.

It will also measure the CO2 levels so that you are informed of how much remain in the CO2 cylinder.

Nonetheless, The Fizz monitors and displays your carbonation levels even so it is not automated. The Source also uses three LED lights to determine how much carbonation your drink has. However, it won’t monitor your CO2 levels.


How to use a sodastream? We have many types of soda that you can use to make your favorite soda water. However, you must understand how to use a sodastream to make your soda water. Without having the right insight, you might miss out on the best results.

Sodastream instructions are very simple. First, you must learn your machine. Again you have to follow your user manual. These two instructions are very important if you want your sodastream to last.

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