How to Use Crutches and Types of Crutches Review

Crutches are used from the ancient times to support the handicapped persons lacking muscle power in the leg. This could happen both in serious and minor injuries. From muscle stretch to broken legs, crutches are used in all of these. Crutches have the common design that has been running since the past. There are several types of crutches in the market. I am going to discuss all about the this article. So stay with me!

How To Use Crutches Available in the Market

  • Underarm

These type of crutches are used by gripping the upper part beneath the armpit. The crutch is kept parallel to the pad and balanced that way. The upper part of the crutch sometimes needs towels or soft cushions to prevent armpit injuries.

  • Forearm

Forearm crutches are often referred to as elbow. It works through the strong grip of the arm. There is a stand in the middle that is parallel to the upper portion of the crutch. One hand grips the stand while the upper portion is kept under the armpit.

  • Platform

Platform crutches are used by people with poor hand grips. The hands are strapped on a horizontal plane with the crutches. The armpit supplies the power needed to hold the body perfectly.

  • Leg Support

These crutches are non-traditional and work for those with a lower leg than the other one. One crutch is strapped strongly to the lowered leg. The crutch supports the leg with the muscles to keep the body up and running.

  • Elbow

Elbow crutches functions exactly like forearm. The design may seem different in many versions. But their holding power is same.

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Do You Know How To Use Crutches?

  • 4 Point Gait Process

In this procedure, two crutch are used. The right crutch is placed at first. Then comes the left leg. After that the left crutch comes and then the right leg. The user walks in this process simultaneously.

  • 2 Point Gait Process

Those who can take partial weight with the both legs can walk in this way. The sequence should be right crutch and right leg. Then left crutch and left leg. Simultaneously following this should do the trick.

  • 3 Point Gait Process

This process is for those who can take weight with one leg but can’t with the other one. The crutch bear the weight of the affected leg and the unaffected leg is used to go forward.

  • Swing to Gait Process

In this process the person walks with the help of swinging the forward. The legs follow and meet the crutch position. This is for those with injuries that are non-weight bearing.

  • Stair Climbing Process

In order to climb stairs, a handicapped person should first place the affected leg. Then the crutches and unaffected leg should come. Again, when descending, crutches come first, then the affected leg and then comes the unaffected leg.


Getting a leg injury doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to live your life anymore. Get some courage and get crutches to lift your spirit up. In this article I have discussed what types of crutch there are available and how you can use them regarding your injury. Just follow my instructions and do your daily chores on your own. Be independent, not handicapped.

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