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What is a sauna and how to use sauna is the most important question for first-viewer user as well. It is a healing therapy manner often used for the cure of some physical and mental illnesses. This treatment has to be received in a warm room. A sauna is a little-sized wooden or rock-made room with high temperatures in between 650C to 900C.

Whether it is made of wood or rock depends on the heating source. Generally, no color is used for build this room so building materials imbibe heat of this room as it stands to human tolerable limit. Water is also applied to create evaporation into this room.

Various sorts of saunas are available like common sauna and portable sauna. Among them dry heating rooms are Finnish & moisture based rooms are Turkish type.

Utilities of Sauna

This is a sort of therapy which used for getting physical and mental tranquility. Apart from that, patients who are suffering from varied pains, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, artery and another chronic disease along with obesity problems, sauna bathing is supportive for them.

Sportsmen also like to use it for better performance. Moreover, depressed patients get necessary assistance from it. This may develop cardiovascular activity by changing endothelium-dependent expansion. It also performs important changes in cardiac autonomic nervous equilibrium as per instruction by regulation of heart rate variability.

However it is connected with many other assistive health impacts which applicable for both, either sick or healthy people.

US National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends about positive impacts on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), fatigue, chronic pain or addictions along with multiple benefits for regular users.

How to use sauna: Pre and during using indications

By building a sauna room in your residence premises, then experienced users can enjoy free use. But when using it in other places users should have to maintain the following specific use rules:

Pre indications:

  • After a physical exercise, a short time shower should be taken before using it.
  • Enter and exit rapidly. It’s an air-protected room so close it quickly, because an opened door reduces the heat of this room.
  • To avoid dehydration drink a lot of water. It’s a hot session so huge amount of sweat can be shed and heat stroke would take place.
  • Pre and during sauna alcohol consumption is prohibited. Drinking alcohol will dry your body cell which would carry a dreadful consequence.
  • Don’t get into the room without cloth. But excessive cloths, synthetic cloth or tight fitting cloths could be obstructive. Seating on the bench wearing no cloth also could be negative as oily substances derived from the body in a large scale would carry poor results. Except that, sensitive organs can also be affected. Put wet towel using water but using a little amount of white vinegar on towel also can be appropriate during sauna.
  • Enter with bare feet. Shoes or sandals would carry dust particles in the air of the room which may create a problem.
  • Remove entire metal objects or ornaments from body. Anti skin metal can the reason for burning.
  • Don’t use any perfume, cream, anti-deodorant or body lotion before sauna. These will block sweating and melting oily substances. As a result skin will be harsh immediately.
  • After having meal, wait for one to two hours before heading in the room. Because the stomach will take long time to grab foods and will use a lot of energy in digestion process.
  • Wait for similar span of time after huge physical activities for regain energy. Because a lot of energy needed during sauna.
  • Don’t go alone into room. Go with a friend or companion. If something unexpected side effect will happen then that friend can help.
  • Sauna using instructions & cautions can be different as per temperature. So read carefully entire indications and warnings set on the wall outside a sauna wall.
  • Newbie’s should use a lower range of temperature in between 650C to 900 Though United States and Canada allowed 900C. First session should be received for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • User should quickly come out from the room if he or she feel dizziness, vomiting or while feeling head got weightless.
  • Don’t take shave or brush hair.
  • It is better to wear cotton musk because heat may effect on eyes.
  • Don’t take sauna when you are trying to conceive your female partner.
  • Don’t use sauna during pregnancy.

Post indications:

Above using indications about how to use sauna was for before and during the sauna. But there are some post-sauna instructions as follows:

  • Sit or lay down in a cool place. Take a rest for minimum 10 minutes for calm down slowly.
  • After rinse off sweat, apply water with lower temperature can cool your body. So take a little warm shower without using soap.
  • Drink two to four glasses of water to fulfill water deficiency.
  • Salt will be released from body due to sweating. So, eat some salted snacks to replace salt into body.
  • To restore protein into body, eat easy digestible protein-enriched food like cheese. To get the necessary vitamins and fibers, eat fresh fruits like apple.

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Heating sources

As per heating source sauna acts with its self characteristics. Heating sources are:

Infrared source: Infrared lamps are produces electromagnetic radiation which sends infrared light only to human body but not into entire room. Emitted ray from infrared lamps generates temperature in between 450C to 600C.

Wooden source:  This is a conventional radiant source using coals to heat the sauna rock by burning wood. In case of arising maximum humidity or excessive hot, water may be poured on sauna rocks to create necessary humidity and decreasing heat of the room.

Electric Source: This is a similar type of heat generation source into sauna rock but power source is electric heater here. Outcome is dry heat and minimum temperature inside the room. The heat and humidity modulation method is similar.

How To Use Sauna


As a compatible therapy method sauna already have been using in many countries. Now regular users also keep trust on it. Considering how to use sauna for first users very necessary instructions are discussed above. However it’s not a matter of curiosity but getting found an effective treatment manner.

A new user can get inspired knowing that, various sauna user’s communities already have been formed in different global locations as 612 Sauna Society Cooperative has been enjoying and sharing a transformative Sauna experience.

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