Infrared Sauna vs Dry Sauna Benefits : Best Ultimate Review

Looking at the

Infrared sauna vs dry sauna benefits vs that of traditional saunas, you will realize the immense difference. The health benefits of infrared sauna are far and reaching. From simple body therapy, detoxification, to pain relief, infrared saunas offer some of the best benefits ever.

That’s why we have decided to give you a comprehensive guideline of infrared saunas. It will help you to understand why you need these appliances and how to use them. Infrared saunas are modern too. They are easy to use and have some of the latest technologies for you.

Let’s take a look at what we have.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An Infrared sauna therapy machine makes use of infrared heaters. The heaters emit infrared light that comes out in the form of radiant heat. The heat is afterward absorbed by your body through the surface of your skin as a form of therapy.

Eventually, the heat provides so many health benefits including weight loss, removal of toxins, and relief from pain. Unlike conventional saunas, infrared uses some of the latest technologies that make them quite effective.

The best infrared sauna can easily operate at a slightly lower temperature (usually 120˚F and 140˚F) and still leave you with great benefits. This is so much different from a traditional sauna that has to perform between 150˚F and 180˚F.

NOTE: These types of saunas use only infrared panels instead of the conventional heat systems to easily penetrate your human tissue. In doing so, they will be heating your body first before they heat the air

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

There are so many health benefits of infrared saunas. They include but are not limited to the following.

  • Promotes Weight Loss: Heat has a way of burning fats. In case you have accumulated unhealthy fats in your body, targeted heat application will stimulate the burning of these fats. Thankfully infrared rays have high penetrate. on that makes this easy
  • Improves Skin Conditions: As your skin sweats out toxins and improves in touch, it also eradicates certain conditions including eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, and acne. Eventually, you will get improved skin.
  • Relaxation: As the sauna heats your body it warms the deep tissues. This warmth that infrared saunas give relaxes sore muscles and provide better relaxation. By doing this, saunas also help those with chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Detoxification: More importantly, infrared saunas will promote the best body therapy. They will stimulate detoxification by discharging any acids and waste residues. Some of these residues include sodium, alcohol, toxins, nicotine, and cholesterol.
  • Relief from Pain: Applied heat is known to have a therapeutic touch. Heat reduces stiffness and also relieves pain around the joints or even sore muscles. That’s why people suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis and knee replacement pain are advised to apply a certain amount of heat.
  • Clear and Tighter Skin: Infrared sauna will provide you with an ideal environment that radiates heat energy and allows it to be absorbed by the body. This will leave your skin tighter and supple.
  • Improved Fluid Circulation: Without proper fluid circulation you could suffer from mild edema. As the heat radiates in your body, you will sweat. This means you will need more fluids as the previous one sweats out and cleans your system.

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

In my research, I have met many people who wondered if infrared saunas could help with weight loss. Well, you have already seen this under one of the benefits.

So, yes, infrared saunas can help with weight loss. Here is what you should know about infrared sauna weight loss.

There are two major causes of unhealthy weight gain. These are stress and a poor diet that leads to the accumulation of unhealthy fats.

To reduce on a few pounds once you gain them, you will have to melt up the fat or tackle the cause of stress.

Infrared sauna will do both. Because it helps you to relax, infrared saunas will manage the stress. In addition to that, they radiate your heat with heat which helps to burn the fats and in turn help you to lose weight.

NOTE: You shouldn’t overheat the sauna. This can be quite dangerous and can lead to one of the infrared sauna dangers that we will look at later.

Sauna and Pregnancy

When you think of the refreshing effects of a sauna your body is tempted to jump in right there. However, saunas will cause your body’s core temperature to rise rapidly. This rapid rise in temperature can prove quite harmful in pregnancy.

Thing is, that while this heat might prove to be quite relaxing, it might be unsafe for the baby. Babies in the uterus don’t know how to regulate their body temperatures. In short, they can’t tolerate the sauna’s extreme heat.

So, if you choose to go on, it could lead to miscarriage or deformation. Even so, after a while, say in the last trimester your doctor might allow you to use a sauna. If they do, make sure you have these tips right.

  • The doctor should give clear directives on what type of sauna to use and for how long
  • Limit the amount of time you will spend inside the sauna – keep it at 15 minutes or less
  • If you start to feel faint or nauseous leave the sauna immediately.
  • Remember that all saunas are not the same

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Getting the best

Infrared sauna vs dry sauna benefits depends squarely on having the right infrared sauna therapy. To get the right therapy with your infrared sauna, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Hit Right Temps

Always make sure that you warm up the sauna to a preferred temperature level first before hopping in. This will help you to get instant benefits. It also prevents extreme radiations on your skin.

Drink Water Too

Saunas will cause you to sweat a lot. Too much sweat and heat lead to dehydration. Make sure that you drink plenty of water before getting into the sauna. It will help you to replenish the lost fluids.

Have a Towel

Towels are must-have accessories in the sauna. As your body sweats it releases toxins that you need to pad off. If you don’t want a towel, you can buy a sauna blanket. This will work the same way.

Don’t Clothe

Wear as minimal clothes as possible. Wearing too many clothes will leave the toxins covering your skin pores. It will also minimize the benefits of sauna therapy. This is a very important tip too.

Enjoy the Ride

Finally, you should relax and enjoy your sauna. You can also listen to music or read your favorite novel.

Infrared Sauna Dangers

Apart from the sauna vs dry sauna benefits, there is a growing concern about potential infrared sauna dangers. Well, this only occurs if you don’t follow instructions of use or in a case of sauna overuse. They include:

  • Overheating or hyperthermia which is a case of heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • Extreme dehydration: however, this is often as a result of insufficient fluid intake
  • Mobilization of some toxins in the bloodstream due to detoxification
  • Interference with certain types of medications in case you were on these drugs
  • Adverse effects on certain implants such as the silicone
  • Aggravation of certain chronic diseases such as cancer

NOTE: Before you choose to go with an infrared sauna, make sure that you talk to your doctor. Let your doctor check your medical history to determine if it is safe for you. This is highly advisable and very relevant too.

Which Infrared Sauna Is The Best?

The best infrared sauna is one that offers you all the benefits that you need. While there are numerous brands out there, if you find an infrared sauna that suits your needs, it would be the best. All you need to do is pick from the most credible infrared sauna reviews a brand of that capacity. With your needs met, you will be able to get the right sauna vs dry sauna benefits too.

How to Use an Infrared Sauna?

If you plan on enjoying all sauna vs dry sauna benefits, you must understand how to properly use the sauna.

For the far infrared sauna, you should start by setting the temperature anywhere between 100-140 degrees. Doing this enables you to get used to the sauna’s heat. Once the temperature is set to an ideal level, you can leave the sauna to heat up for a while.

Allow it to sit for about 10-15 minutes before you hop in. If the infrared sauna hasn’t heated up to your required level, don’t worry, it will get there. Believe it or not, it never takes the infrared sauna heaters a long time to warm up.

NOTE: The infrared-emitting heaters work continuously until the temperatures hit the levels that you had previously set.


Infrared sauna vs dry sauna benefits are very many. However, if you want to enjoy all of them, there are a few things that you should know. First, you must know how the infrared sauna works. Next, you need to keep in mind the benefits that you stand to gain. And finally, you should know if you are an ideal candidate for this type of therapy.

As you have seen, there are quite a number of infrared sauna dangers that we have highlighted. Make sure that the exposure to these appliances doesn’t lead you in the same direction. So before you engage consult your doctor first.

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