Soundasleep Air Mattress Reviews and Buying Guide

Choosing the best soundasleep air mattress might be tricky for many home owners. With these mattresses looking really plump and cool, you could easily end up with a poor model for lack of being keen. In this post, I intend to make your work easier. After properly researching on the best soundasleep air mattresses.

I have prepared for you some of the best soundasleep air mattress reviews that you can start with. Using this review is really helpful as I have gone through user feed backs, compared prices, features, and best sellers too. More importantly, I have also included a buyer’s guide to help you out.

1. SoundAsleep CloudNine Queen Air Mattress with Dual Pump Technology

The very first soundasleep air mattress that I suggest you should look for is the SoundAsleep CloudNine Queen Air Mattress with Dual Pump Technology. This mattress is not only stylish, but pretty much convenient for home users too.

In fact it has very many features that I know will sweep air mattress lovers off their feet in a flash.

For starters, the mattress comes with an Integrated Smart Dual Pump. This pumping technology is patented to the CloudNine Series. It has the capacity and ability to continuously but silently run so that your mattress doesn’t lose its original firmness.soundasleep cloud nine

This means that the dual pump system while running all night long in the background will leave you with a pretty comfortable sleeping space all through the night! No wonder many previous users agree it’s the perfect mattress for in-home use any day!

Apart from running continuously, I was amazed by the smart technology that the pump comes with. It has an auto-off touch and offers the mattress 3 comfort levels which are designed to suit all types of sleepers including the tummy, back, and side sleepers.

In addition to this, one thing that stood out from the mattress was the ComfortCoil Technology. This mechanism uses the industry leading I-Beam colds for the internal air coils. It is the most reliable way to maintain a flat, firm, and leveled sleeping surface on the best air mattresses.

Mattress size

Even better, the mattress comes in a large Queen Size and enjoys 78″ x 58″ x 19″ dimensions when inflated to capacity. This can only mean one thing; you won’t have to worry about space when you jump onto your bed for a comfort sleep.

I also loved the beds raised “double-height” and dual chamber construction. This gives it a durable edge. And thanks to its sure “Sure-Grip” technology at the bottom I know you will enjoy a stable air mattress without any unwanted sliding once you buy it.

In fact it enjoys a multiplayer design that gives it the best puncture-resistant material. Once it is deflated, you can also use its carry bag to easily transport it to your next destination.

2. SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress and High ComfortCoil Technology

The next super cool soundasleep air mattress is the SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size Air Mattress High Capacity Pump. Like its sister above, it also has so many stylish features that I loved.

Firstly, the mattress uses the industry’s leading ComfortCoil design technology. This allows any user to inflate their mattress to desired firmness and in turn enjoy a flat, firm, and highly leveled sleeping space all through the night. Thanks to the I-Beam coils that are solid enough to give this mattress the strength it needs.soundasleep air mattress

In addition to that is the “Sure-Grip” bottom that not only ensure that you get the best firmness and stability while using your mattress, but which will also prevents your mattress from slipping as you roll in comfort during your sleep.

With the added 40 internal air coils, the perfect durability and support is something that you shouldn’t doubt. Indeed, this whole system works pretty well with the patented 1-click pump to provide your mattress with a quick and pretty easy inflation and deflation mechanism.

Queen Size Dream Series bed

Even so, the best part about this Queen Size Dream Series bed is that it will inflate in less than 4 minutes and more importantly, it will remain inflated for long without losing its initial firmness and pressure levels.

The premium “double-height” is also super cool as it provides this airbed with the perfect raise off the ground so that you match anyone who is sleeping on the normal bed frames. I was blown away to realize that it has a dual chamber construction that gives it the added touch of strength and durability.

It is no doubt that this mattress that measures 78” x 58” x 19” in dimensions and when fully inflated will be a value buy for any air mattress lover. It is also spacious and large enough for you and your partner.

Buying it today will therefore leave you with an extra thick mattress that enjoys a waterproof flocked top and which ensures that you and your loved ones have a very comfortable sleeping experience.

3. SoundAsleep Camping Series Queen Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC

Another best soundasleep air mattress is the SoundAsleep Camping Series Queen Air Mattress with Eco-Friendly PVC. The mattress is slightly slim and is much more designed for the camping and hiking lovers.

Like the others before it, this SoundAsleep air mattress also uses the ComfortCoil Technology wand enjoys the I-Beam Air Coils to provide its users with a firm, stable, and highly leveled sleeping space.

soundasleep camping series air mattress

More importantly, the mattress is designed with an Eco-Friendly PVC which specifically gives it the most ideal durability that’s only suitable for outdoor use. This PVC gives the mattress the best anti-puncture touch.

The mattress also comes with a pump which inflates and deflates the mattress automatically in 4 minutes or less while at the same time monitors and maintains the pressure. Thanks to the auto-shut system, the mattress pump will automatically be turned off when a desired firmness level is found.

Heavy duty rechargeable battery

The pump also features a reliable heavy duty rechargeable battery that allows you to either use the mattress easily at home or even on a camping trip along the town.

And for the buyers who love an extra thick touch with a waterproof flocked top on their mattress, you won’t have to worry really. This mattress has all those for an added comfort and also durability.

Nonetheless, I learnt that most users loved this mattress because it was easy to move around. Indeed when the mattress is deflated, you can easily fit it into the carry bag and in turn transport it easily. Thanks to its compact design and slim fit touch once the pressure is out.

It is designed with a multi layer touch and has a high puncture-resistant capacity that gives the mattress the perfect durability. It’s time to enjoy a great mattress and a super cool 1-year warranty and have a mattress that will last longer and give you the perfect resting space while you are out on your hikes.

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Soundasleep Air Mattress Buying Guideline 

From my research, I learnt that there are very many considerations that someone should make when they want to buy the best soundasleep air mattress. However, some of the most vital ones that I felt I should share with my readers included the following.

Size of Room

You realize that buying a queen size mattress is only cool if you have enough space to set it up and at the same time move around comfortably? That’s why the size of your room will play a great role on the type of soundasleep air mattress that you choose.

People with very limited space for queen sized dream series can always go with the best twin-size soundasleep air mattresses instead.

Personal Budget

Think of it like this, buying your dream mattress is only as valid if you have enough money to spend for it. It makes no sense rushing in for a mattress that will drain your pocket and leave you dry.

I suggest working on a budget of your own, comparing prices, and getting down to the most ideal one.

Ease of Use

If you need an expert to operate it for you then you don’t have to buy it. I always picture having guests crushing at your place and you have a mattress that you can’t setup…that’s just disappointing. So focus more on getting an easy mattress to set up.


A durable edge is very important for an air mattress. These can be found by looking for mattresses that have multi-layer buildups, thick flocked tops. And additional PVC touch among well knitted edges.


Waterproof touch coupled with flocked tops. And also anti-slip bottoms are some of the things that will play a key role.  When it comes to determining how comfortable your soundasleep air mattress is. I suggest looking out for I-Beams and Comfort Coil Technology. This one also enhances the type of sleeping space that you will have. It gives you a firm, leveled, and stable sleeping space.

Inflation and Deflation

This boils down to the type of pump that you have. Ask yourself if the pump can be used indoor and outdoor too. Is it easy to use? All these answers will make up for some great pointers to go with.


Buying the best soundasleep air mattress for your use is simple really. All you need to do is to follow these simple tips that I have given you here. More importantly, you can also pick any of the top rated soundasleep air mattresses that I have given you among my reviews.

I must point out however, that when choosing for this mattress. You should be ready to make use of well-researched reviews like the ones that I have given you here. As they will save you so much time that you’d have spent scouting for the ideal options