Types of Bed Frames | Get Best Expert Suggestions and Tips 2023

Types of bed frames Tips and Information: The style, taste, and buying preferences of any consumer must be satisfied before they can buy a product. The same applies to buying the best frames (blow up air mattress) and any other home-related products.

In this post, I want to talk to the people who are looking to buy the best bed frames. For you to get a bed frame that meets your needs, you have to know a few things. Among them are the types of bed frames and any other additional tips and info that I will include here.

Let’s take a look!

What is a Bed Frame?

The term ‘bed frame’ is often used to refer to any standalone or independent structure that is used to support a mattress. The structure comes with an independent base that makes this a possible reality.

The way a bed frame is constructed will vary in many ways including in type, profile, or height of intended bed.

There are other bed frames that are upholstered with specific fabric or additional materials. These materials give them a softer feel. Even so, there are many other bed frames that don’t feature any type of upholstery.

One more thing that I must point out is this. Not all bed frames will use a box spring. So, before you rush into buying one, you should always remember this. Also keep in mind that not every mattress requires a box spring.

Types of Bed Frames

With that said, here are the common types of bed frames that you should pick from. All of them are readily available in the market.


The platform bed frames will feature an evenly spaced slat. The slate can be made of latticed metal or wooden sometimes wooden slates.

Platform bed frames can use a box spring or not. This is because they are capable of easily supporting the mattress without necessarily having a base or foundation.

In case your platform bed frame will support a Queen, King, and or California King mattresses, you will require additional reinforcements around the center.

This reinforcement can come in form of support bars. The bars can be made of metal or wood but have to meet the tensions levels that will arise.


A canopy bed frame is connected to overhead frame called the canopy. The canopy is treated as an additional décor and is often used to hang drapes, curtains, or decorations. The canopy’s main intention is to support these drapes so as the sleeper is given additional privacy.

Conventional canopy beds frames were ornately crafted. However, the modern canopy beds are better, simpler, thinner and much of minimalists.


Panel bed frames are also known as the box spring beds. These types of bed frames are usually constructed with more specifically flat wooden panels. The wooden panels are used to make the headboard and also the footboard.

Unlike platform bed frames that we have seen above, panel bed frames also have the side rails. The side rails act as additional support for both the mattress and the base. The side rails are also taller in this type of bed frame than they are in the other bed frames.


Sleigh bed frames get their unique name from their curved headboards and footboards. These curved sections resemble the artistic construction of the wooden sleighs.

The beds are said to be better when you are sitting up on them and leaning on their rounded surfaces. Nonetheless, they are also durable as they are designed from hard wood and metallic alloys.


A poster bed can either be a box spring or a platform bed. The poster frame beds derive their name from using bed posts that aren’t connected using any overhead canopy.

Four-poster beds more specifically, are the most common types. They have four tall posts while the low-poster beds come with shorter posts.

There is also the half-poster bed frame that has the taller head posts but shorter foot posts. The post designs can be rounded or even pointed.


Apart from the types of bed frames, you have seen other additional tips that will come in handy. These tips will help you to land the best bed frame, gain additional knowledge, and have a smooth experience.

Knowing these tips is vital as they will help you to determine the best models for you. You will also understand your type of product and why you need them.

It is, therefore, ideal if you shared this post with your loved ones too. It will give them the same information and leave them with a better understanding. Good luck choosing your next type of bed frame.

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