How to Clean a HEPA Filter? Safety and Caution

The HEPA filter is the most crucial portion of an air purifier. It refers to the high-efficiency particulate air purifier. Similarly, it can remove most of the allergens particles like mites, dust, mold, pollen, pet dander. As well as it can extract several households smoke till the size 0.3 micron. Are you looking for a washable air purifier and want to clean it after a using period?

Generally, the air purifier filter needs to replace after six months and clean after each month as it is expensive to return over and again. So you want to clean the filter and curious how to clean a HEPA filter. Let’s know the way of cleaning a HEPA filter.

Advantages of HEPA filter cleaning

  • Improve the working efficiency of air purifier
  • Increase the stability of the heating and cooling system
  • Ensure a higher healthy environment
  • Dust absorption power will be better
  • Regular cleaning helps to keep your device safe
  • Save the air filter replacement cost
  • Give your mental peace to use the device without tension.

The disadvantage of not cleaning HEPA filter

  • The destruction will happen soon without cleaning
  • Decrease the working power
  • Will not capture dust and allergens accurately.
  • May create an unhealthy environment
  • You have to pay a higher replacement cost

Washable Air Purifier: Some Practical Steps to clean your filter

First Step: First of all, it needs to be sure that your filter is washable or non-washable? You can check the product manufacturer from online. Generally, the washable filter is using for both vacuums cleaner and air purifiers. Most notable that some filter should clean only rinsed out.

Second step:

Now, you have to check the connection of your air purifier plugged or unplugged and turned on or off. The filter should separate from the device very carefully and must with unplugged and turned off condition. You may read out the product guideline before cleaning a filter. The manufacturer company always gives details instruction for users.

Third step:

In this step, you have to go for the cleaning method according to your filter size. Because large size filter can capture huge dust garbage. In the case of a large HEPA filter for home, you must carry the screen into a garden or outdoor place of residence where a hose or water system is available.

Otherwise, several specks of dust can spread out inside of your home. As a result, the family members feel allergens problem. As well as, inside the house will dirty. On the other hand, you can have rinsed out in the sink for small sizes filter. Instead, it is easier than extensive filter cleaning.

Fourth step:

In this step, the filter rinsing by water. Keep in mind that some filter needs light warm water and some are needs cold water to clean the filter. Suggested to be careful in the time of cleaning and must avoid the high pressure. Due to high tension, the filter may cause destruction.

Fifth Step:

Clean each side of the HEPA filter until you can see freshwater. Avoid abrading by hand or any kinds of object. In the working time, always notice your filter types because all types are not suitable for the same cleaning process. Some filter can’t get directly clean by water.

Final step:

After proper cleaning, you have to let it dry. It won’t take much time to dray. But, it needs a maximum of 24 hours to dry it thoroughly. Do not reinstall the filter without proper drying. While you notice it is perfectly dry, then reinstall it and check by turn on the switch. It is the ultimate simple process of HEPA filter cleaning.

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The core notes for you that never use any air purifier without a filter. An air purifier with permanent true HEPA filter is best to choose for you. As well as, must read the full using guideline of Manufacturer Company. Take care of your device according to the instruction.

Cleaning a HEPA filter is mandatory after a specific period. Though it is a little bit sensitive, yet it will perform best if you can properly clean it. I am using a washable air purifier for the last two years. Hopefully, you will have benefited if you will follow my cleaning process.

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